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Just What Australia Needs

Here’s my advice for anyone in Australia putting their hopes and dreams on any good that might come their way via the 2020 Summit. DON’T! For those of you in Australia who have been hiding under a rock recently or are from overseas and have no idea what the ’2020 Summit’ is, I’ll give you an ever so brief description.

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No One Likes To Be Told Their Baby Is Ugly

On the third of January this year I became a grand pop for the very first time. I’d have to say, it’s everything that it’s cracked up to be. Just can’t get enough of the little fella. The general consensus is that all babies are ugly at birth, although, most parents and grandparents are blind to this.

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Speed Wealth Zone Catalyst 3 EXPOSED

Implementation With Speed And Accuracy.

I’m often asked how I get a lot of things done. The truth is I have an approach to getting things done that’s proved to serve me well and a lot of the Rebellious Entrepreneurs I hang around with.

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Speed Wealth Zone Warning And Disclaimer

I’ve been dubbed by some of my mentoring clients as ‘Doc Mal,’ on hearing this term I made some enquires to find out it stood for a ‘Dose Of Clarity.’ It seems that’s what they get during our chat’s. Here’s a recent story of one such dose of clarity and although not intended to offend, the reality is it may. Strangely, my intention is to alleviate aggravation, not contribute to it.

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I Want To Say Something From The Heart

I swear I’m writing this from the comfort of room 38 at the ‘SOUKYA’ Holistic Health Centre near Bangalore India. Soukya by the way is sanskrit for Wellness.It’s 7.37am, and I’ve just swallowed 300ml of luke warm Ghee (about a coke can full). Ghee is an oily extract of butter I think that sets like lard. YUK!!

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Speed Wealth Zone

Speed Wealth ….fact or fiction? Fact of course and it’s certainly well documented within my group.

But first a comment about ‘speed wealth’ and ‘get rich quick’. Firstly, there is no virtue in getting rich slow; if you’ve tried it you’ll agree with me. Also, there is nothing sinister about getting rich quickly. Lets’ face it when you make a bank deposit the teller doesn’t add some extra dollars for ‘slow’ or cut a penalty for ‘fast’.

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The Higher Up The Ladder You Climb The More Your Bum Hangs Out Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Men

In a sense there’s a degree of risk getting out of bed in the morning. From a business perspective if you choose to stand out and walk the path less traveled risk is always present. What I advocate is being a business person first and an entrepreneur second, what that means is evaluate everything you do in business based on the likely consequences of what you do, instead of just charging ahead in the name of entrepreneurialism. I suspect that being an entrepreneur is not a valid defense. There is a need to be responsible.

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A Sure Fire Way To Multiply Your Income Using Copywriting

You better be real careful with this nudge… because… I’m going to try and sell you something you need, I’m going make a certain bet you need it more than I do so I’m even going to make it absolutely ridiculous for you to not reach in your pocket and pull out your hard earned cash right now, metaphorically speaking, of course.

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