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Entrepreneurs can save the world

I am not sure whether you are aware or not but last week was International Entrepreneur week (14th Nov – 20th Nov).

Rarely is entrepreneurship celebrated and encouraged, although it should be, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Governments and institutions alike give lip service at best to the virtues of entrepreneurship and spend the most of their time trying to derail our endeavours.

Believe me, the Entrepreneurs resolve will be sorely tested in the near future as virtually every industry and profession attempts to deal with expanding regulatory assault.

There is a conspiracy to shrink the entrepreneurs ambition, activity and wealth.

You see, my take on all of this is, that it’s entrepreneurs that save the world and I am not alone in that thinking.

However, try telling that to an employee…

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to start a revolution… The Entrepreneurship Revolution.

Imagine the positive impact on the world’s economy if more entrepreneurs found the pathway to prosperity.

Now all this might sound a little “utopian”, however it’s based on hard-nosed mathematical calculations.

After all, if we could cut the rate of new business failure by even 5% it would quite conceivably end poverty.

Entrepreneurship is the most practical way to address the many ills that plague the world economy today.

In fact, I advocate a CAPITALIST’S EVOLUTION.

Read on to discover why being an entrepreneur is not for everybody but why the price an entrepreneur pays is worth it…

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Revealed: The dirt-cheap postcard that produced sales of $479,147 in just 3 DAYS!

In the last rant (blog) I talked about using new technology in your marketing to ramp up your sales instantly.

In that case it was Mobile Marketing… and the SMS sample I gave had turned over approximately $100k to date (and still going) for my client.

Well this time, I am going to be talking about old technology.

I am talking about Direct Mail.

I know what you are thinking, “mail is so expensive these days and SMS is so cheap, I hate spending money sending stuff out and besides, no one reads this stuff anyway” …

The truth is the VERY BEST media of all is Direct Mail and if you give me a chance, I bet I can prove it to you…

And better still, I’ll actually show you the exact postcard that produced sales of $479,147 in just 3 days (TOTAL SALES of $894,841 over the duration of the promotion to date) for my client if you read on NOW!

STOP PRESS – My clients have just advised me they have cracked $1 million dollars with this promotion

Read on to find out exactly how they did it.

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How to Print Money Legally using Mobile Marketing (Opportunity of a Lifetime)

One of the biggest problems facing business owners today and it’s getting worse is to get their marketing message (advertising) read or opened if we are talking about the Internet world.

The reason of course is the clutter and noise from everyone else’s messages that gets in the way of yours.

Another problem is a consumption issue that the consumer is faced with, they just don’t, even if they want to, have enough time to read everything.

Furthermore, the number one reason advertising doesn’t work is because it didn’t get seen.

That is not what most business owners think when dealing with the failure of their advertising. They think it were things like “it was a bad ad”, “the message was wrong”, “the offer was wrong”, “the media was wrong” …

Well all those can affect your result, but number one is not being seen.

Now for the good news…

The good news according to research is 98%-100% of all SMS’s are read within the first 3 minutes of them being sent.

There is not a media alive that can compete with that statistic and if you are not using mobile marketing, you are missing an “opportunity of a lifetime” that may not last forever.

Who knows what the regulators have planned for us.

Anyway, like any media, to get incredible results, you have got to do it correctly.

Read on to discover how to do mobile marketing correctly, which also includes a sample SMS that has done somewhere around $100,000 plus in sales.

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How to Create a Million Dollar Referral System and Double, even Triple your Profits Easier and Faster than you Thought Possible

If you are reading this there is a good chance you know that until recently, I owned the biggest business coaching program in the southern hemisphere over the past 20 years.

Also I have coached and mentored in literally every industry and category that you can conceive.

So I can make this statement based on expensive experience and fact…

Most if not, every business owner I talk to, tells me that the…

Very best client they can ever get that obeys them like a heart surgeon
and pays them whatever they ask, is a REFERRAL. 

Yet when I ask them “do they have a Million-Dollar Referral System, the answer is always the same… NO.

The only justification for that is laziness, ignorance and stupidity.

Business owners spend millions of dollars a year trying to get a new client when the…

Smartest thing they could ever do is increase the number of referrals they get

Another great reason to have a referral system is because the most expensive thing we do in business is, get a new client and yet a referred client costs little or nothing.

Finally, a referred client is hundreds of times better than a client that comes into you cold off the street.

So read on to discover the next (#2) Low Cost, No Cost Gorilla Lead Generation Strategies that Work like Crazy… How to create your very own “Million-Dollar Automated Referral Cash Machine”.

It may be the most profitable thing you have ever done.

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How to get 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars’ worth of Publicity without paying a cent

Recently I have taken on coaching and mentoring a restaurant and bar establishment.

As you may or may not know, the hospitality industry sees more failures than any other industry.

In another life, I have had quite a few food businesses which I “blew through the roof” in sales and profits and I have never understood why people struggle so much in the food business.

My preferred model, back in the day, was to buy an existing struggling food business at wholesale price.

Then I would optimize (plug all the holes in the business), then innovate (in some way improve the product and service) and then market (tell the story to the marketplace about all the improvements and why they should shop with me).

I often did something most people don’t do… and I still insist upon it today where my clients are concerned and that is I do a survey and ask the existing prospects or clients what they want most and I give them what they want and then your success is virtually assured.

Anyway, I often used simple low cost, high profit gorilla tactics that virtually any business owner could use to get all the clients they ever want…

So when a new restaurant and bar owner signed up recently, it made me reflect on these gorilla tactics and here are my “7 Best Low Cost, No Cost Gorilla Lead Generation Strategies that Work like Crazy”.

Read on to discover what the “7 Best Low Cost, No Cost Gorilla Lead Generation Strategies that Work like Crazy” are…

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5 Best Ways to Catch High Paying Clients (WHALES)

The absolute best way I know to make 1 Million Dollars fast with the least amount of drama and effort is to have a minimal amount of high paying clients who cause you the least amount of grief.

You see, all you need is 20 clients paying you $50k and there is your million.

Trust me, that’s much better than a lot of small clients who in my experience come to you with money problems.

A term used to describe these high paying clients is “whales”.

Now the bad news is you can’t catch a whale using a minnow for bait, you have to be a whole lot better than that.

Although whale clients have the same emotional factors that make them buy, they do buy differently and they like to be sold to differently.

Whatever you do though, don’t let them think they are being sold to, they have to come to the conclusion they want more of you.

Read on to discover the 5 best ways to catch and convert whale clients

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Dire Warning, Economic Disaster Looms

“We’re in for the BIGGEST Economic Crunch of all time as the Perfect Economic Storm brews” says government, big end of town and small business futurist Harry S. Dent

How would it have been if you knew well ahead of time that the global financial crisis (GFC) was coming…

And what would you have done differently?

“Plenty” is my guess.

Well if you’ve been around me for a while you’ll know I did predict the GFC pretty much spot on!

I pretty much did the countdown… “You have got 10 years to prepare”, You have got 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…”.

The looming recession was a hot topic at the time among my members.

Of course in other quarters I was “lamblasted”, in fact barrated for having the audacity to suggest a global financial crisis was imminent, particularly given mostly we were “high on the hog” (doing well!)

You see money had been swimming upstream. By that I mean, you didn’t have to be real smart to do well.

I’m sure you remember kids and babies were having credit cards arrive in the mail with $5000 and $10,000 spending limits. (This was actually reported on TV!)

Guess what happened when someone got a new credit card or a bigger credit card limit?

They went out that night and “broke it in”.

Housing prices were going through the roof, some people even remortgaged their house 3 times a year to grab some cash.

Of course, what did they do with that cash?

They went out and spent it on depreciating assets like cars, boats and holidays.

People thought it would never end.

The reality is none of this was sustainable.

Of course, I had the last laugh where predicting the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is concerned.

Best of all, I and my members got to prepare (“preppers” today) and in some cases even take advantage of the adversity of others and that’s FAIR enough.

You see history tells us, that more money is made often during and after a depression-recession for the more informed few.

In fact I understand companies like Microsoft, CNN, Amazon, HP, Disney world and General Electric all started in tough times.

Anyway I’d really love to claim I figured this global financial crisis out on my own but the honest truth is I didn’t.

See lucky for me (and anyone wise enough to hear me out) about 20 years ago I literally ran to a guy much smarter than me called Harry S. Dent.

If you haven’t heard of Harry S. Dent, he’s known as “the futurist”, someone who through research is able to predict the future.

When Harry speaks governments, the big end of town and small business pay attention.

Why? Because of his documented and proven ability to see into the future and predict what’s coming up with uncanny accuracy.

Find out why Harry is predicting the BIGGEST ECONOMIC CRUNCH of all time looms in the shape of a Perfect Economic Storm

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Nail the “BIG Idea” and it’s hard not to get rich

You remember last time I talked about the BIG idea and how by nailing the BIG idea, it’s hard not to get seriously rich. (If you didn’t read the last blog, this would be a good time to go and read it).

I also talk about how it is the first thing I try to figure out before I start a business of my own or buy one.

It’s also the most important thing I try figure out for a client because that way, I know they will succeed beyond my wildest dreams or theirs.

I also revealed what could arguably be one of the best stories ever known to man for creating the big idea out of nowhere.

The man who created it, is the late great Gary Halbert.

Finally, I promised in my next blog to reveal some of the “Game Changer” BIG ideas I created for my own businesses and many of my clients.

So if you love case study stories that are real, some even you will know of, you will love what I have to say here.

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The single biggest success secret of all

Could there possibly be one single secret to success…

The answer to that is no.

Real success is achieved by what I call “cobbling” success principles together.

However, there is one success secret for entering the “Speed Wealth Zone” faster than anything else I know.

I have nailed it personally quite a few times for myself and importantly, for many others.

And quite honestly, it changed their lives forever…

In fact, they got to experience how it is possible to get rich quick and stay that way.

If you take the time to figure this one out, and sometimes I have just nailed it in a minute or two, would be glad you did.

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Mal Emery has done it again! He has sold out for a fortune and now he is “Retired”… or is he?

It’s true, I have retired…

But not completely…

What I have done is completely retire from Streetsmart Marketing.

You see, my good friend and partner Ian Marsh and I have done a deal and he is now “head honcho” of Streetsmart Marketing and he is pulling all the strings.

That’s not to say I won’t do the odd guest appearance…

To be honest, I doubt I will ever retire.

In fact, as they close the lid on my coffin, there’s every chance I’ll try and sell you tickets to the wake. 🙂

So it would come as no surprise to you that I can’t “completely retire”, I’m just busy doing other stuff with no regrets.

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