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I Cant Find A Product To Sell

OK, no more lectures for now. Even though the statement above is ridiculous and it’s one I expect to hear from people who don’t know any better. Just for the record, product is the last thing you should be thinking about. It always was and always will be the market first. Find out what they want (in good numbers with money) and give it to them.

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When EMOTION Goes Up Intelligence Goes Down

And judging by some of the conversations I’ve been having lately, some who should know better are allowing their EMOTIONS to affect their business decisions and as a consequence dramatically adversely affect their financial future.

The success of a business is closely related to how much…

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The Fastest Way To Get Into Debt Is To Find A Need And Try To Fill It

No doubt about it. If you only learn one thing from me, I hope this idea will be it.

Let’s talk about what a “need” is. You see there are different levels of “need” someone can have. The first level is the basics of life. You know, food, clothing, shelter, paying taxes, etc. The things we all need to deal with on a regular basis, things needed for our survival.

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Rich People Are Always Prepared To Exchange Money For Time Broke People Stubbornly Think Its Smarter To Exchange Time For Money

I’m feeling a bit grumpy and frustrated this week, my insistent nagging in various directions is obviously not worth my trouble. You see I’ve basically had a week of client consultation and critiqueing ads and sales letters. What with being away for nearly 2 weeks, coming back and going away again, and then coming back and going away AGAIN after that, my days are naturally full.

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When Less Is Much Much More

Entrepreneurs, by nature, instinct, conditioning, competitive spirit are very into “more”. So are sales professionals. More gross revenues. More sales. More customers or clients. More web site traffic. More leads. Even more square footage, more employees.

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