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The Biggest Obstacle To Making Big Gobs And Gobs Of Money Fast


I’m not a big believer in external motivation and confidence created through external forces, in fact, I’ve positioned myself as the polar opposite of a motivator and instead promoted myself as the No Bull, No Sugar Coating, Tell it as it is guy. I think real confidence COMES FROM COMPETENCE. Particularly where making gobs and gobs of money is concerned. The thing about competence is it comes from doing things repetitively.

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The Biggest Problem I Encounter From Business Owners

It doesn’t matter what media I use, whether I am on my feet flapping my lips, whether I’m working one on one face to face or talking over the phone, if not stated verbally the look on literally everyone’s face is saying “My business, my clients are different and that won’t work for my business.”

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Arguably The Biggest Rebel Of The Lot

I don’t know if you had a chance to watch “The Big Fella – The Extraordinary Life of Kerry Packer” on Channel 9 last night. It was an insightful look at a truly Rebellious Entrepreneur. I mean, after all, anyone that chooses to take on the English Cricketing establishment is a true rebel. The way he thought and acted, was also an insightful look at how Kerry Packer saw his social responsibilities and obligation to pay taxes.

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Heres How You Can Double Your Income And Change The Entire Marketing Selling Process To Replace The Agony With A Steady Stream Of Enthusiastic Buyers

The exceptional achiever deliberately chooses to ignore talk about the recession, wars and the miserable state of affairs in the world at large; nor do they allow personal distractions to affect them. These individuals choose, instead to focus their attention and expend their precious energy and time on ways to live a productive and successful life.

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POSITIONING The Secret Selling Weapon Common To Extraordinarily Successful Companies And Individuals

When you position yourself so that qualified prospects find out about you or at least have the feeling of discovering you, they will seek you out to gain from your expertise in solving their problems. Resistance to sales will increase or decrease, depending on whether a prospect finds and approaches you, or you find and approach them. This means you must position yourself where you are likely to be found.

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Send The Bill To The Herd

The single most important money lesson I’ve ever learned is the IDEA that you can send the bill to the herd, or your list of clients.

The late John Lennon was quoted as saying… “I’m going to sit right down and write myself a swimming pool.”

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Finally Revealed The Most Powerful Secret Moneymaking Marketing Tactic Ever

Recently, I was listening to a Dan Kennedy CD. Most of you should remember Dan. He’s that American guy who’s desperately trying to be like Mal Emery in Australia. Anyway, Dan was asked what one tactic above all others he would use to create wealth. His instant response was “An Outrageous Offer”. No arguments from me, I’ve known and implemented this strategy for years.

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