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Get Rich Quick Fact Or Fiction

There’s no doubt that “Get Rich Quick” has got a bad name. I know why, but in my world it’s not justified. After all, who wants to get rich slow? Like any other skill, getting rich quickly is a skill that can be learned. I would go so far as to say that it should be taught at schools and universities.

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Let Me Be Among The First To Wish You A HAPPY NEW YEAR

I don’t know who figured this gimmick out, but it’s real neat that you get to start a whole new year with a clean, unblemished, untarnished slate. With Christmas around the corner and about a week to go to 2006, it’s time to jettison last year’s disappointments, resentments, frustrations, mistakes, unfulfilled goals and only carry over the good stuff. Whatever’s done is done, committed to history, no point looking back.

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Money Doesnt Have A Conscience

Money doesn’t have a conscience, and who it chooses to hang around with isn’t based on necessarily what you may like it to be. The reality is some of the nicest business people I know REALLY REALLY struggle year in year out when it comes to attracting wealth.

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The Most Powerful Characteristic To Possess

Recently, I received a great piece of insight from Dan Kennedy and I felt I couldn’t let it go by without a comment or two. If you read it at the time that’s great, and I’m sure it’s impacted you as it has me and made you and me think harder about the subject. If you haven’t read it then listen up, because it’s the most important success secret of all time.

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How A Rebellious Entrepreneur Values A Business

Although always the case, it’s becoming more and more evident that all the value in a business starts with a list of clients. Below, I’ll list the method by which a business SHOULD be valued, and I’ll back it up with an article that appeared in today’s financial review.

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