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Uncovering The Hidden Asset In Yourself And Your Business

The reality is most people and businesses have accumulated assets, often well hidden from common view. The trick of course is recognising their value. I’ll give you some examples:

Platinum Members Daryl and Andrew Grant’s difficulty in having a child and their subsequent solution, 2 healthy children, has proved to be a VERY healthy hidden $$$ asset. In this case, something they know that lots of other couples who aspire to have children desperately want to know.

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Where Most Entrepreneurs And CEOs Fail

Few business failures result from one big mistake or reversal of fortune, although one is a very dangerous number in business. Instead, they come from a series or pattern of top-dog ineffectiveness in these key areas.

1. As noted by Fortune Magazine, the failure to deal decisively with people problems. Where ever I go, staffing continues to be a hot topic and the best piece of advice I have on this subject is hire slow, fire fast. I do however advocate that you fire people at a time that suits you, not them. The likelyhood of correcting ‘their’ incompetence is remote to zero, although stubborn entrepreneurs continue to try.

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Heres Proof That Having Your Product Or Service Endorsed By Celebrities Is A MultiMillion Idea And Well Worth The Expense And Effort

No doubt you’ve all heard of George Foreman, the boxing champ who returned to the ring in 1987 after a 10 year hiatus. You might also recall he came back bigger and better than ever and captured the imagination of the public. What some of you may not know is that he has also carved out an incredible career as a commercial spokesperson celebrity for various products, including long term gigs with Meineke Mufflers and later at Salton, a direct marketing company that specialised in selling small kitchen gadgets through TV infomercials.

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The Rebellious Entrepreneur Acts With Real Purpose And Few Things Ever Happen By Accident

The Entrepreneur acts with real purpose and few things ever happen by accident. I’m sure you remember homicide detective Colombo from the television series of the same name? He would mumble his way into suspect’s homes, dropping his pen, pretending to forget what it was he really wanted to ask until he suddenly remembered after he’d left and have to ring the doorbell again. When he finally got through interviewing, off he’d shuffle in his ill fitting trench coat to drive off in his beat-up looking car.

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Rebellious Entrepreneurs Have Relatively Few “Clicks On The Dial” And Understand That Doing A Few Important Tasks Well Contribute Enormously To Their Wealth……

Rebellious Entrepreneurs have relatively few “clicks on the dial”. One of the most profound differences between Rebellious Entrepreneurs and the rest is the ability to extract the lessons and strategies from what they observe, then to transfer and apply those lessons and strategies to their own particular money making efforts.

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There Is A Radical Underground In Thr Entrepreneurial World

There is a radical underground in the entrepreneurial world. There are things we know and discuss sparingly and cautiously with one another, but rarely with outsiders – because what we know so diametrically differs with what the overwhelming majority believe about money, success and independence, we risk some retribution akin to witches being burned at stakes for blasphemy.
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To Most Folk, A Holiday Is A Big Event.

There will be no Weekly Nudge next week, because I’m off for the next 10 days or so on a working holiday on the East Coast.

I call it a working holiday because I’ve got 3 highly paid speaking engagements to do, and while I’m there in Sydney I’ve got about 100 showing up for a 3 hour evening seminar as well. Continue reading

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