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You Can Divide The Population Into Two Chunks – One Has Got The Money, One Hasn’t, And The Latter Meekly Forfeit Their Right To Complain.

As I said, you can divide the population into two chunks. Those who search, hunt and ferret out the information they need to rectify whatever is ailing them, and those who simply don’t. About 5% of the population are in one group and 95% are in the other. In a financial sense, 5% of people do very very well and 95% never achieve a satisfactory level of independence and wealth. Continue reading

Increasing Sales Alone Is Not The Answer To Cash Flow Crises!

Following on from last week’s Nudge subject of Cash Flow;

Most business owners would instinctively think that increasing sales is the first step to increasing cash flow.

Unfortunately driving sales up without a thorough approach to cash flow and profit management has the ability to make everybody else rich, (suppliers, staff, freight companies, landlords etc), but you. Continue reading

Cash Flow Is KING!

Most businesses actually make a loss – but survive, thanks to positive cash flow.

But lack of cash flow is the cranky hound that will bite you on the bum, and ultimately propel you towards bankruptcy!

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Breakthroughs Come From Looking OUTSIDE Your Industry, Not Inside!

I believe the first industry to employ the ‘drive-up’ service window, was the banking industry. Once the example had been set, many other industries followed suit. Among the first to latch on to this new way of servicing customers, was the Fast Food industry. I imagine some McDonald’s manager may have been stuck in a drive-through banking queue waiting his ‘turn’ when suddenly it dawned on him that this would work well for the fast food industry.

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The 3 Most Important Questions Business Owners Need To Answer!

  1. If you were the customer, would buying from me (you) be the clear and obvious best choice?
  2. Why should I choose to do business with you as opposed to any other competitor in your category? I suggest you put the question written boldly on a 200-x 300metre card. Have it laminated and tack it up somewhere you see it constantly.
  3. Is your product or service a lot better than any other available in your category? If not, why not? If so, HOW is it better?


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A couple of Nudges ago, I said this; “I’ve been asked to write some stuff that the most basic of reads through my material would have enabled the client to do for themselves”. In Nudge No 38, I was eluding to lack of initiative. This week I’m issuing a documented ‘prod’ to those of you who deserve one! And that’s YOU if you’ve spent your hard earned money on one of my educational packages, but then obviously can’t be bothered learning from it! Judging by the number of poorly crafted advertising pieces I get asked to critique, there are LOTS of YOU out there!

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