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Keep Asking Yourself “WHY?”

Make a habit of occasionally stepping back and reviewing what you are doing in the sales and marketing aspects of your business. Or in any aspect for that matter. And when you do, ask yourself what your real PURPOSE is.

While most business owners think that the purpose of getting a customer is to make a sale, my clients and I do the reverse; we make a sale to get a customer.

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You Are Not Your Prospect!

If you’re wondering about the date, (which has long since passed us by) at the top of the page, you might be aware that I owe you a few; Nudges that is! In the last two weeks leading up to the Global Information Summit in Sydney, I found my time engulfed by Summit affairs, leaving no time to get the usual weekly Nudge off to you. So here they come.

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Do You Constantly Lust After NEW Customers While Ignoring The Proven Ones You Have?

There is one area of business in which too many business owners reveal themselves to be lazy and short sighted.

What am I specifically referring to? When the business owner gets all steamed up, pouring all their energy and resources into chasing NEW customers, while ignoring those customers who are already proven, who’ve bought before and will surely buy again! It’s a fact that most business owners focus on ardently pursuing the NEW CUSTOMER and to hell with the old! Well that’s how it feels when you’re the “old” ignored and neglected client!

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Speed Does Not Always Equal Quality!

Telexes gave way to faxes and still we couldn’t communicate fast enough. Then came mobile phones and email, so that no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re contactable, mostly instantly. And if we are caught up in a meeting or have our phones switched off, we’re still expected to be on tap because of course there’s message bank so – what’s our excuse? We live in a fast world!

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The Value of Showing Appreciation.

I have an aversion to schmaltzy movies; in fact I can’t stand them!

But showing appreciation is not schmaltzy, it’s a simple way to make yourself and so your business unforgettable.

If you roll out the red carpet for a Billionaire, he won’t even notice.

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