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The Festive Season is an Interesting Gimmick

I don’t know who figured this gimmick out, but it’s real neat that you get to start a whole new year with a clean, unblemished, untarnished slate.

With Christmas around the corner and about a week to go to 2016, it’s time to jettison last year’s disappointments, resentments, frustrations, mistakes, unfulfilled goals and only carry over the good stuff.

Whatever’s done is done, committed to history, no point looking back, you can’t change it anyway.

When the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December the starter’s pistol goes off. A whole new 52 weeks are right in front of you. The trick is to make sure you are not lugging any unnecessary baggage and you have the clearest possible picture of what the finishing line looks like at the end of 2016.

So how do you set goals for the New Year?

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So what goes on inside the mind (checklist) of a multi-millionaire maker?

Here is what I have discovered over the last 40 plus years of being in business for myself and helping other people in business…

There are certain things that really successful people do that those less successful don’t do.

I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s actually true.

Why those less successful don’t do them, I have never really worked that out… other than the level of pain they are in seems to instigate action.

I say don’t wait until you are in pain… makes sense to me.

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If you lost it all Mal and had to start again, what would you do? (Mal’s Checklist)

As I travel the country and when I talk to clients I get asked lots of questions…

The one that stands out the most, hands down is…

“If you lost it all Mal and had to start again, what would you do?”

Well that is a very good question…

You see, I have made my fortune by moving to where the money is going to move to.

In several of my books, I make the analogy of either being in a racing car in business (making lots of money) or being in a jalopy in business (working your guts out for peanuts).

Having started bought, build and sold 19 odd businesses, I am well qualified on this subject to have what I call a “checklist” or a “litmus test” if you like.

So here is my “checklist” of what qualifies a business to be a racing car, not a jalopy.
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The Bad News is Money DOESN’T Care about you

Lucky for me, I figured this one out VERY EARLY in the game of business.

Probably 40+ years ago.

I figured out that if I wanted to be successful in business, the best way I could do that was to help other people get what they want and I would be successful as a bi-product of that.

No of course, my personal reasons way back then to be successful in business was to provide wealth for my young family.

By that I mean plenty of food in the fridge, a good roof over their heads and a comfortable lifestyle.

Your reasons of course for wanting to be successful would be different from mine.

The list is pretty long so I won’t even attempt it here.

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Awful scary truth… CATASTROPHIC EVENT that would bring this country to a grinding halt…

Believe it or not there is one thing, if it happened, it would bring this country and for that matter, the whole world to a grinding halt in just 24 hour.

If it did happen, it would be worse than the great depression of the 1930’s and it would make the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) look like a “picnic in the park”.

Business as we know it and the life you have come to enjoy would disappear overnight.

It would spell the end of civilisation as we know it.

It would make the stock market crash look like a blip on the horizon.

Words like “Armageddon” and “Apocalypse” come to mind.

It would be worse than our armed forces going on strike or being obliterated.

We could survive a week, a month or even a year without politicians, doctors, lawyers and university professors, but we couldn’t survive a day if what I am about to reveal happened…

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How to be a Marketing Expert in 30 Seconds

Would you believe that it is possible to be a marketing expert in 30 seconds?

Well it is and recently, I did it in about 25 seconds.

In a minute I will reveal exactly step by step how I did that and I’ll even hand you on a silver platter a neat little piece of software that does it all for you…

The answer to being a marketing expert is elegantly simple yet most business owners get it terribly wrong to the point that it results in struggle and even bankruptcy.

So read on to discover how to be a marketing expert in just 30 seconds because by knowing this, you are almost “fail safe” in business and money seems to flow to you in abundance.

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Having A High Status Allows You To Print Money Legally

You might remember last month how I talked about how you can rig success and how I have managed to do that personally and business wise.

Well this month, I am going to reveal the most important thing I did that made the biggest impact in the shortest possible time where my income was concerned.

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People Hate It But Success Is Rigged


People are often offended by the concept that success is rigged. More particularly, people who aren’t successful get really blocked up by that thought.

The reason I think it aggravates them so much is because it squarely puts the responsibility on them for their lack of success and that doesn’t make them very comfortable.

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Finally The Big Fat Dumb Companies Are Waking Up

If you run an ad of any kind in any media then you must read this…

Quite simply with this blog, it’s my intention to make you a lot more money without spending any more than you are already spending.

The good or bad news, depending on your perspective, is that the big fat dumb companies who wouldn’t normally be open to this “game changer” strategy previously, suddenly are.

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