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So You’ve Written a Great Piece of Advertising -Now What Is The OFFER!

We’re back on advertising this week – because it’s VITAL to get it right! I get ad after ad, Free Report after Free Report, sales letter after sales letter sent to me for critique and it’s obvious that some people really make a big effort to follow the formula. Just as many, have just as obviously not lifted a finger let alone a manual, in an attempt to actually LEARN the formula. I wasn’t borne yesterday, I know some people figure if they send me any old excuse for an advertising piece, that I will re-write it for them so why bother to do it themselves?

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Create BUZZ For Your Business!

In order for plants and trees to produce fruit or to propagate, Mother Nature developed a clever system which involves the interaction of “communities” living within the same environment. For example, if a plant or tree is to grow further away from the mother organism than just under it, where the seeds can easily fall, it must have a way for the seeds to distribute elsewhere. And it does; with the cooperation of the animal community which carries the seeds with them when they take the fruit to eat and carry the seeds with them to wherever they roam. That’s networking at its best!

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In Negotiating, It Pays to Know This Secret!

From a tender age, we strive to present ourselves to the world in the best possible light. If you have any doubt about that, nowhere is this basic human need demonstrated better than in the playground! Children don’t want to be “different” to their classmates or playmates; they DO want to “belong”.

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Making Expos and Trade Shows Work For You!

In late June, we had a 3 day Business and Franchising Expo in Perth. But rather than treat this as a Sell-a-thon – seems to me a good way to wear yourself to a frazzle at an event like this where your target market has countless other booths to investigate and you have something like 5 seconds to capture their attention – I came away from the expo with about 800 new names to add to my data base! I know several other businesses also gathered some names at the event, but most treated it as a sell-a-thon.

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Out of Countless Possible Strategies, All It takes Is a HANDFUL to Propel You to Raging Success!

Sometimes I know it can seem overwhelming! You could work your way diligently through one of my Information packages, read a thousand different books and attend any number of marketing seminars and you will be confronted with so MANY possible strategies you could implement in your business, you simply don’t know where to start! The list of possibilities is so long that instead of leaping into action, you feel immobilised!

STOP! Step back, take a deep breathe – and let these words seep deep into your conscious mind. IT ONLY TAKES A HANDFUL of strategies to make a truckload of difference!

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Let’s Hear It For Good Ol’ Underestimated Snail Mail!

Snail Mail is 20 times more effective than email internet marketing! If you have any doubt about this, just do a test and watch as my claim is validated.

Try it with your current list of clients. Lets suppose you have a list of 10,000 current clients, that is clients who have already purchased from you. Now you have a synergistic product lined up, which these clients are highly likely to be interested in, so you write your sales material and send it to them. But you have divided your list into two; half to receive your sales material via email and half using snail mail.

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