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The Secret to Sales Copy Is to Make It Read Like We’re Having a Conversation!

I have an Agreement on my desk which I could have read and signed about a week ago. I do want to enter into the agreement because it stands to benefit both my business and the party making the proposal. But I looked at it for a few minutes and handed it on to Pam to read. Guess what? She looked at it for a few minutes, groaned and put it straight back on her desk. Why haven’t we done it? Because it is so WORDY and bursting with industry “lingo” neither of us have had the patience to pick it up and plough our way through it to where we have to sign!

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Some Practical Rules For Staying Out of Trouble – And Most of It Is Plain Ol’ Common Sense!

It’s a fact, we are living in litigious times. I’m sure you’ve heard wise remarks cracked about how if you live in California and your dog “does his business” on your neighbour’s lawn you stand a good chance of being sued; well let me warn you we are in hot pursuit; rapidly scaling the same heights of absurdity! In fact it’s recently been reported in a major newspaper that NSW is second only to California in litigation stakes. So rather than winding up with a neck injury from constantly looking over your shoulder or jumping at shadows, be pragmatic and take some simple steps that can at least go a long way to avoiding not just litigation, but any kind of confrontation with a disgruntled client!

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When Setting Any Type of Goals, Be SPECIFIC – If YOU Don’t Fill in The Blanks, It Will Happen Anyway; It Just May Not Be The Way You’d Want!

I think what makes the whole concept of setting goals in the fashion we advocate so compelling to people, is that it requires you to to FREE UP your imagination, to have some serious FUN with it. Most of the goal setting techniques I’ve heard about take a much more rigid view of how it’s done, for instance “make your goals achievable”. The inference is that it would be foolish to “wish” for something unless you can already see the steps you will take on the journey to achieving it. The trouble with that approach is that most of us don’t really KNOW what we are capable of achieving until we open our minds to the possibilities.

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Increase Your Prices! It Will Automatically “Prune” Off Some of Your Customers – But You Are Likely to be BETTER OFF!

We have long been conditioned by society that the MORE we have and the BIGGER it is, the better. But when it comes to your list of clients, that isn’t necessarily the case. What I’m getting at is this; if you have a huge list of customers but only a proportion of those customers actually buy from you and have a positive effect on your profit, then not all of that list is worth having. In fact some customers are quite literally more trouble than they’re worth!

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Use Information Technology to Target Hot Prospects!

Would you like your clients to seek YOU out rather than you pursuing them? Unless you have masochistic tendencies, I’m sure the answer is YES! Then rather than use the “carpet bombing” technique of making telephone calls to prospective clients and customers to set up a face to face appointment, use DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING.

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Are You a Maven, a Connector or a Salesman?

In his book “The Tipping Point”, author Michael Gladwell refers to business trends as “epidemics”. He says “Ideas and products and messages and behaviours SPREAD just like viruses do”! It’s a simple concept but accurately reflects the process that culminates in a “hot” product attracting mass interest – and mass sales, in the market place.

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12 Little Known Marketing Strategies To Blow Your Profits Through The Roof

A hunter, in providing for his family, would not have pointed his arrow in the general direction of the woods and fired off an arrow in the hope that something might run into it. He would, with clear intent, have focused on a specific target, taken aim and fired. Before we get to the 12 Strategies, I must tell you about something my partner, Pam cut out of a magazine ages ago and during a recent spring clean (in Autumn), it reappeared. It was written by Uri Geller, of ‘bend the spoon’ fame and what he said is:

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