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“Smart Speed Selling – No Bull About It!”

Create a Million Dollar Sales Presentation

Recently, my wife made several phone calls to well known home building companies which cater largely to the Baby Boomer. These are all well established companies which build homes considered to be in the “luxury” category, with a relevant price tag. But despite the fact that each sale represents such high $ value, there was a chasm between the sales techniques used by the various companies. Was I surprised? Yes and no. The luxury home building industry suffers from the same level of complacency as any other industry when it comes to selling.

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“Key People For Your Company”

Most people prefer the company of others for at least part of their working day, to “flying solo”. And their reasons for surrounding themselves with people may well be based on sound and practical thinking. Or it may not! There are entrepreneurs who are under the misconception that in order to be the real McCoy, they must lead a team of employees; still others simply like the camaraderie of the corporate environment or the presence of their own resident “cheering squad” to quell feelings of insecurity. None of these is a good reason for adding to the key people in your company!

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“So How Does a Business Get Into Financial Trouble and How Can You Avoid It”?

QUESTION 1: How does a profitable business become a no-profit business?

There are two pre-conditions of a non-profit business; the first is an excessive amount of ‘sameness’ in an industry or market. I often refer to it as ‘commercial marketing incest’, where everyone looks to everyone else in their industry, for what to do; they copy each other feverishly and after a while it really does begin to resemble some form of incest – because everybody just gets dumber and dumber! One industry where this is most frustratingly evident is the real estate industry. With a few outrageously successful exceptions, all real estate ads and their selling methodology respectively, look and sound the same.

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I want to make one very valid and important point; Contemplation is a good thing. And meditation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness. But in business, MOTION beats meditation any day!

I’ll put it another way… YCDBSOYA or “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse”!
You have to take ACTION and just about any kind of action is better than doing nothing at all! The business owners who have an idea and set this idea in motion are what I refer to as Entrepreneurial business owners.

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All Customers Are Not Equal

Almost every business gets 80% of its net profit from 20% of its clients. Of that 20%, 5% will be hyper sensitive; they will buy almost everything you offer them and are raving advocates of your business and whatever it is you do. This same small group are also responsible for an inordinate number of referrals, testimonials and “hassle free” sales. ?

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The Erroneous Theory of “Undeserved Success”

I am sure you’ve heard of “Dr Phil” from the Oprah Winfrey and Larry King shows and more recently his own TV show. Anyway, mention his name around any psychologist … then stand back while their face turns red with anger and their body shakes with pure indignation as they explain in no uncertain terms why there are better qualified and far more worthy therapists than “that chubby charelton Dr Phil!!”

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