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Youll Hate Me For This Truth


I’m going to hurt a lot of feelings here so apologies in advance.

Please forgive me and read on anyway, because what I’m about to reveal might be the most financially liberating success formula EVER!

As I have said before, the truth will set you free but probably aggravate you at first.

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More High Speed Wealth Triggers Revealed


OK. Hopefully you remember I’m revealing for the first time ever, my “High Speed-Wealth” TRIGGERS. These TRIGGERS when executed correctly allow you to get into the “Money Zone” in business any time you like.

So far, I’ve revealed 3 all important TRIGGERS. Here they are again…

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Revealed The High Speed Wealth Triggers


After 38 expensive years of experience in the bloody battlefield of business, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “Speed Wealth Zone” does exist. I’ve proven that personally for myself and even more importantly my clients have experienced the same phenomenon.

And even better still, they can now do it at will, that is get in the “Speed Wealth Zone”.

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Entrepreneur Versus NonEntrepreneur


Recently, I was out with a bunch of old friends having a feed, reminiscing and talking about old times. Then the accusation and great conflict came up, that I was a workaholic who would never retire.

It was said with some intent on the basis that there’s something wrong with the way I live my life. Anyway, as I approach very quickly the ripe old age of 61, those comments caused me to reflect on my take on all of this.

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A Shocking Secret Thats Made Me A Lot Of Money


Welcome to 2013! Fortunately, I am not superstitious so the number doesn’t trouble me.

Success has little or nothing to do with good or bad luck in my opinion.

Mostly if you follow successful people around you will find they work for it. Although, for them it’s often not work. In other words, they’ve been able to blur the line between work and play and that’s what I do.

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The passing of a Great Man that should not go unrecognized


I am not sure if you are aware, but Zig Ziglar passed away yesterday after a bout of pneumonia. And the passing of this great man should not go unrecognized. Certainly simply for the reason he’s played in my success and may be then yours.

Surprisingly enough, a Zig Ziglar Sales Seminar in Perth, if my memory serves me well, was the first ever seminar I attended. At that time, I was a 21 year old sales rep for ACI Crown Corning. And it was the “done” thing at that time for the Corporate suites and sales guy to get along and see Zig.

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This Could Make Or Break You


Carrying on from our Direct Mail Secrets, here’s another one.

The List will Make or Break your Direct Mail Project

Sad but true. By list here I mean, whoever receives your direct mail piece. You see, the receptivity of the recipient to your mailing has more to do with the Success or Failure of your mailing than the quality of the marketing itself.

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