Panic Wont Get You Anywhere Part 2

Panic Wont Get You Anywhere Part 2

Me again folks with Part #2 of why panic in difficult times won’t help you and how in fact to ensure your least and last affected, not first and most affected in business by a difficult economic climate – a competitor wanting to gate-crash your party or anything normally considered out of your control.

Remember the analogy I used with the last Rant was, and I quote “A tree with shallow roots in a storm is vulnerable to falling compared to a tree with deep roots in a storm. The analogy applies to business when it comes to panicking when things get tough. So what constitutes deep roots for a business that would stop them from toppling in difficult times?”

Now last month I explained that your list of clients and your reputation with them is the most important “deep root” you can have. If you missed it and you want to read about it, simply go to and read last week’s rant.

Now the next most valuable and important strategy you must become a master of is…

You must master marketing…

But not ordinary, everyday boring, non-specific vague and general marketing. What I’m talking about is Emotional Direct Response Marketing.
What that implies is that your advertising and marketing produces a result that makes you money and that is measurable against the cost of doing it.
What it is not is branding.

Here I’m going to provide you with my definition of what Emotional Direct
Response Marketing IS and what Emotional Direct response Marketing is NOT.

Switch from “Image Branding” to Emotional Direct Response

What Emotional Direct Response Marketing IS NOT:
Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. EDRM is not getting your name out there. It isn’t name recognition. It isn’t building an image. It isn’t getting your name in front of as many people as you can get your name in front of. It isn’t bragging about how excellent you are. It is not copying Fortune 100 companies’ inane or funny advertising. It is not cold prospecting. It is not begging people for referrals. It is not going to network meetings and social events to meet clients and prospects. It’s not manipulation or unethical tactics. It isn’t taking people to lunch or playing golf. It is not having a fancy brochure and business card. It’s not having a website or being very good at what you do. It’s not winning an award, having letters after your name or a plethora of business and achievement certificates on your wall.

What Emotional Direct Response Marketing IS:
A systematic, sustainable marketing system that allows you to achieve maximum productivity, maximum leverage, and will allow you to conduct your business to achieve massive results with the least amount of expense, time and effort.

All this leads us to my valuable 17 Point Checklist for getting your client’s and prospect’s attention… After all, copywriting is Emotional Direct Response Marketing in print.

This is the same checklist that I myself use before I send out any direct mailing material.

Remember that any marketing you do, and any money you spend on that marketing is wasted unless it grabs your prospects attention and gets them hammering on your door wanting to do business with you.

So before you send out anything, be sure to check the following to maximise your return on investment…

14. Have One Objective Only With Your Copy

That might be to get a prospect to buy your product or service, make an appointment, get on your database via a free offer, etc.

Either way if you try and do more than one thing with your copy there’s a good chance you’ll confuse them and confused prospects do nothing! That’s why niche is so very critical to your success. After all the riches are in the niches. The tighter the message to market (herd), the better the response and the less it will cost you to expose that message to them.

For example a beauty salon whose marketing talks about all the services they provide is likely to confuse the prospect and the message will be too broad, given all the services beauty salons provide. However, if the message was about cellulite only, as opposed to all the other services a beauty salon can provide, the message to women who suffer from cellulite is clear and defined. In fact that niche would pay you handsomely to solve their problem for them.

This is a classic example of having one objective only and that is to speak to women who suffer from cellulite and giving them a reason to call.

So figure out the one thing your market wants a solution to that they’ll pay you handsomely for and only talk to them and enter the conversation they’re having in their own mind, preferably what they go to bed thinking about and wake up worrying about. Do this and your results will dramatically improve.

All the best,
Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Great stuff Mal – you’ve really opened my eyes since I attended your seminar last week. The steps are being taken now to put your tips into action and big things will definitely be achievable. Thank you

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