Panic Wont Get You Anywhere Part 4

Panic Wont Get You Anywhere Part 4

Me again folks with Part #4 of why panic in difficult times won’t help you and how in fact to ensure your least and last affected, not first and most affected in business by a difficult economic climate – a competitor wanting to gatecrash your party or anything normally considered out of your control.

Remember the analogy I used with the last Rant was, and I quote “A tree with shallow roots in a storm is vulnerable to falling compared to a tree with deep roots in a storm. The analogy applies to business when it comes to panicking when things get tough. So what constitutes deep roots for a business that would stop them from toppling in difficult times?”

Now in the last three Rants I explained that your list of clients and your reputation with them was the most important “deep root” you can have, followed by the fact that you must become a Master of Marketing, more specifically Emotional Direct Response Marketing if you want to open the proverbial financial flood gates.

Put that with the next “deep root”… “The Riches are in the Niches” – which means you should be looking for a niche within a broader niche that’s just an inch wide and a mile deep, and your chances of toppling in difficult times are significantly reduced. If you missed them and you want to read about it, simply go to and read the last three Rants. So what’s next…?

Modelling and Mentoring

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re already a fan of modelling and mentoring. You’ll probably know that personally I’ve never had an original idea in my life – too bloody dangerous!

You see from the age of 22 when I was fired by a multi-national company, I recognised the only way I was going to get ahead, particularly given I’d failed everything at school, was to model someone that was already successful. And frankly that’s what I’ve done for the last 30 odd years with great success. Both for myself and my clients.

I do, however, pride myself on improving on what is already successful so model something successful and do it better. Most often “do it better” meant better marketing; that is the easiest, quickest, most cost effective and highly rewarding financial thing you can do.

Of course you need to choose your mentors carefully. It is a lot easier to write a book about a subject than it is to actually do it. There’s a lot of those pretend experts out there. Your job of course is to ferret out who has the right message for you.

“For you” means you resonate in some way with a particular mentor. You see there’s lots of ways to be right. All I’ve figured out is what’s right for me. Doesn’t make me right or right for you. All great mentors are right.

I’ve got several mentors, coaches and consultants I work with. All are right… and right for me. That said, not everything they do and say is right for me.

I do however take the bits and pieces that are right for me from each mentor and in a sense roll them into one. So choose your mentors carefully. There is wise council in that statement.

So let’s mush on…

The next point in the valuable 17 Point Checklist to getting your client’s and prospect’s attention is the Post Script.

Especially in these uncertain economic times, when every cost must be considered for its value to your business, the last thing you’re going to want to do is send out ineffective marketing material.

Why? Because in difficult times like ours, there will be a direct correlation between your success, and your ability to get your client’s or prospect’s attention.

So remember, before sending out any direct mail offer (a printed ad, an email message, etc.), you’ll want to review your effort to make sure that you have applied each of the 17 points properly. These will significantly enhance your chances of having a successful response rate.

Any marketing you do, and any money you spend on that marketing is wasted unless it grabs your prospects attention and gets them hammering on your door wanting to do business with you.

16. Postscript – The Icing on the Cake
This is the most read part of your sales material and two of my favourite letters in the English language – P. and S.

You can basically expect that most of your sales material will not be read. But by having a small condensed portion of what you’re trying to say expressed within a PS or a PPS, or even a PPPS or a PPPPS (you can never have too many).

People like to know who a letter is from, so they’ll glance at the signature at the end of the letter. Therefore, because of its proximity, the postscript (P.S.) is in a visual hot spot.

Traditionally, a postscript represents an important afterthought, so it’s inherently intriguing to prospects. The P.S. gives you an opportunity to restate your offer, terms, bonus, and guarantee your primary benefit in just a single paragraph.

A postscript should be relatively short – ideally three to five lines – and should present an important message, a prime benefit, a restatement of the offer, a reminder of the deadline, a sweetener, etc. like this sample:

P.S.S. (Postscript Sample)
Only the first 100 people will be able to take advantage of this offer to eliminate baldness. And they can do it for only $49.95. Never before will you be able to see hair grow as quickly. You’ll be loved and admired by your friends and neighbours. Be sure to order by December 23, in time for Christmas.

Yeah, yeah… for those of you who know me I hear you laughing… but you get the point.

It also reminds the prospect of how to order the product. This can be very effective because when people open a sales letter or read an ad, they will immediately go to the first part and then to the end of the ad. They “cut to the chase” so to speak.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to include at least one on every letter or email.

All the best,
Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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