People Hate It But Success Is Rigged

People Hate It But Success Is Rigged


People are often offended by the concept that success is rigged. More particularly, people who aren’t successful get really blocked up by that thought.

The reason I think it aggravates them so much is because it squarely puts the responsibility on them for their lack of success and that doesn’t make them very comfortable.

I mean, the last person they want to blame is themselves.

But take it from me, I’ve completely rigged every success I have had, whether that be in business, personal life or sport…

Can you believe that?

Read on to discover how you too can rig your success in any area of your life you so desire.

I need you to suspend your disbelief for a moment or two (if you want to get the best out of this conversation) when it comes to the concept of rigging any kind of success.

Let me start with a recent story just prior to Christmas.

You see, a good friend of mine who runs business coaching groups asked me if I could do him a favour and front up to their end of year Christmas gig.

There was a bit of a twist, I was asked if I could do some Q&A and judge a pizza cooking competition.

It seems a couple of the members where pretty competitive on the subject of who does or doesn’t make the best pizza…

I suspect I was chosen for my love of food and the fact that my daughter is in the pizza industry.

Anyway, by way of research I got a list of all the attendees and what they did for a living. I also reviewed all their websites so I actually knew if they knew what they were doing or not.

Of course, I was mostly disappointed…

But anyway, that’s not the point.

I hope you get it, look at all the trouble I went to just to do a Q&A and a pizza judging competition.

Now if I was one of the 2 pizza contestants who claimed to make the best pizza, here is what I would have done…

I would have found out who the judge is, what his favourite pizza was, whether he liked a thin and crispy base or something thicker, whether he liked a lot of cheese or very little cheese, whether he was a meat lover or a vegetarian, what meats he likes and what meats he hated, what vegetables he liked and what vegetables he hated…

And then, I would have rigged my success because it’s not about who makes the best pizza, making the best pizza is an objective question… everyone’s opinion of the best pizza is different.

So if you want to win, find out what the judge wants.

Anyway, to take you inside my pizza world, I like thin and crispy base, not much sauce and not much cheese, I particularly like seafood and I hate eggplant.

Well guess what one of the guys dished up… Eggplant…

And strangely, he won the pizza competition because luckily he got more of my likes right than wrong.

After all, I had to choose a winner, bottom line, one was less worse than the other.

There is another advantage the loser gave up, it’s called home ground advantage.

He was cooking in his competitor’s pizza oven… I would have never allowed that to happen if I was planning to win.

Of course you can relate most of this to being in business can’t you…

For a start, it’s based on the market and the market’s wants, needs and desires not based on what you have got on your wagon to sell them (the pizza you intend to make), it’s about rigging the sale, creating an environment where it’s easy to win and hard to loose.

All of this relates to business.

Years ago I did a Business School as a participant along with hundreds of other people.

It went for about 5 days.

One of the things you did in that 5 days was play games (because how you play games is how you play the game of life).

At this particular Business School there was a volleyball game, I think there was something like 28 team and about $80k could be won by the team that won the volleyball competition over the 5 days.

Anyway, my team was physically and skill wise far from the best, probably somewhere in the middle of the field.

We actually had 3 people that could barely get a ball over the net. On the flip side, we had a champion rugby league player who was spectacular at volleyball.

So what I did was devise a plan to protect and surround our weaker players with stronger players.

And I positioned our champion in a place where he was always in the play.

Now, one of the major rules was that all teams had to rotate and that would generally mean you couldn’t protect your weaker players and you couldn’t position your champion where you wanted him to play…

Here is what I did…

I got the three weak players to rotate between each other in a triangle so they only went to the same spot every rotation.

Then I got the rest of the players to rotate around them leaving the champion to stay in the middle.

Now this tactic was never picked up and we went on to win the $80k even though we were far from the best team.

In fact, the team we played off against was an all-male team, younger and above average height…

And we whipped their butt because I rigged it without lying, cheating or stealing! Of course you could relate that story to business also couldn’t you…

For a start, I reverse engineered our success, that’s how all success is created.

I also ensured that the teams talents and skills were best utilised to win.

I did that because in business, the task determines the team you surround yourself with.

Again, that’s reengineering. So do you think Houdini’s success was rigged? Of course it was and it was even dramatized by making his various escapes by hanging off the side of a building.

Do you think the “fire walk” is rigged? Well it is, coals don’t conduct heat, so if you simply walk on them it’s very hard to burn your feet.

It’s simple physics…

But is it really rigged if someone undertakes the “fire walk” and at the end of it, they have a breakthrough? So it could be argued that the “fire walk” is rigged for the good of all concerned because only recently, someone came up to me at an event and said “my life changed forever when I successfully completed the fire walk”.

And when I spoke on stage in front of about eight thousand people after Tony Robbins and before Donald Trump, I also rigged my success in terms of the sales I made.

Not a word, not a movement was made by accident… I practised and practised…

If you ever come to my office and have an appointment with me, my office is rigged for success.

All the books I have written, the awards I have achieved, some of my greatest success stories are on show… I rigged the environment for sales.

I have also “rigged success” in my personal life… I deliberately set out to find Ying based on what I did and didn’t want in a partner taking into account my age, I was on the wrong side of the ledger now.

I vividly remember when I first met with Ying sitting down over a glass of wine or two explaining what I wanted in my life for the next 20-30 years and what I was prepared to offer in return.

It was sort of the equivalent of the 10 commandments that we both agreed to and stuck to over the years.

Most people say “lucky Mal” and they are probably right…

but I rigged it! Frankly, life is too short not to. Of course you can rig success for good or evil…

I’m all about rigging success for the good of all concerned.

The most current example of someone who cheated for evil gain would probably be Lance Armstrong, who has admitted to being a drug cheat by using banned performance enhancing products and processes to win umpteen Tour de France titles.

Of course, his cheating resulted in enormous personal and financial gain.

We could probably even talk about how politicians and dictatorships rig the game in their favour, but I really don’t think that will help this conversation any further other than accept and point out that success can be rigged for both good and evil purposes…

Just as you can rig success, you can also rig failure…

You only have to look around you to know that’s true.

So if it is business success that you are after, than you might be interested in my new 3-hour evening seminar tour entitled “Screw Survival in 2015 – 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Income at Warp Speed”.

This event will not be for the faint hearted…

In fact it’s not right for everyone…

It will most likely shake your foundations around money and success…

These 7 steps are little known and understood but when executed correctly, are literally “fail safe”.

I’m one of the rare people qualified to give this presentation.

All the best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Hello Mal Emery, how are you going? 🙂 It is so very true what you said! 🙂 I find that young kids are good at rigging success often too, they are really smart 🙂 One young kid said “If you want your parents to buy you a cat or a dog, then ask for a pony” 😀

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