People Rarely Do What They SHOULD Do They Only Do What They Have To Do Robert Allen

People Rarely Do What They SHOULD Do They Only Do What They Have To Do Robert Allen

PLUS Here’s How to Get Your Book Into the Bookstores and Running off the Shelves

How true. Most often necessity is the mother of invention, it’s only when someone reaches a certain point that they are compelled and propelled to take action that they do. I’m often dismayed by this senseless idiosyncrasy we humans possess. I suppose that is one of the reasons why 5% of the population have 90% of the world’s wealth.

In recent rants I’ve given some very real actionable “should do’s” and surprisingly I’m getting some regular emails to the effect that we’ve got some very real action takers out there. It’s nice to know when dispensing advice that some adhere to it at least. Of course I’ve long ago come to terms with the fact that few if any will do anything with the advice I do dispense.

Here’s some more advice I’m prepared to dispense in the hope that it will be acted upon and it falls into the category

I have described in Robert Allen’s quote. They are should do’s but most won’t.
One piece of advice that I continually dispense is that I suggest you identify a mentor or mentors that in some way represent a solution to your wants and needs and do whatever it is to hang out with them. Buy them dinner. Work for them for free. Pay them large sums of money. Whatever it takes. Of course, choose your mentors carefully, it’s a lot easier to write a book than it is to do it.

Another piece of advise I dispense to business start ups like a restaurant or a chiropractor or some business similar is, go and actually wear out some leather and knock on doors geographically and tell your story. Hopefully you’ve have taken the time to set your business apart from everybody else in your category… at the very least make your prospects an offer.

Again, you will be surprised how quickly this brings clients to you.

I almost forgot… here’s some advice about getting your book into a bookstore, often not a simple task. Again, a few of you will never do it because though it’s incredibly simple it’s probably going to fall into the too hard basket. Load your car up with a pile of books and go and give every bookstore you can think of 100 copies. Don’t charge them anything up front and instead only charge the bookstore when they sell the copies.

Then write your own book review and publish it in appropriate media where your prospects are likely to read. It’s written in editorial style, as is always the case with book reviews. You want to mimic what that media or publication already does in their own book reviews except buy and pay for the space yourself.

Ask anybody, having a book in the bookstores is a very powerful positioning and marketing tool.

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