Principle Of “The Swift Sword”

Principle Of “The Swift Sword”

No one likes to admit that they’ve invested time, energy, and money down a path that leads to nowhere in a business sense. Instead they stubbornly cling to the notion and persevere in the hope of making something work.

In my role as a business coach and mentor I’m often confronted with this issue. The issue of a client being emotionally attached to a particular outcome, instead of looking at things rationally, measuring and testing and then drawing the appropriate response/conclusion. And unfortunately to their dismay it’s often not the one they’d hoped for. I almost counsel people on this point. You should never allow yourself to become emotionally attached to a particular outcome.

I’m not saying gut feeling doesn’t pay a part, but it’s a minor part when compared to everything else like, Does the maths work? Is there a starving crowd beating down my door and begging to buy from me? If not, why not?

Too many are so emotionally invested they can’t face reality and act accordingly. As a result they proceed in a horrible unproductive manner. Lot’s of very successful businesses lead by very successful people make this mistake. FedEx launched Zapmail right before the fax machine wound up in every office. Fortunately for FedEx, Fred Smith was not emotionally committed to that business idea.

What he quickly applied was the Principle of “The Swift Sword”.

Where in your business do you need to apply the Principle of “The Swift Sword” are you tolerating employees or clients that bug the crap out of you? Are you persevering with products or services that are unprofitable? Yet stubbornly cling to them! Are there investments that continually drain the money pot that left un-dealt with could become an even bigger financial drain? Do you have some unproductive ads and marketing that you run week after week in the hope that somehow they’ll magically improve?

Look you may even be hanging out with a bunch of “friends” you’ve outgrown and whose company you no longer enjoy. Maybe even if it’s an unhappy relationship, where you fail to deal with the issues in the forlorn hope that they’ll somehow fix themselves.

If you want a new or different result you’ve got to create the “space” for that to happen both in a business and personal sense. If you want a new wardrobe go and empty your existing wardrobe on the driveway, pour petrol over it and set fire to it with a match. Now you’ve got space in your wardrobe and you’ll be amazed how quickly your wardrobe is replaced with a new one. If you’re in a lousy relationship and rightfully want and expect more, maybe it’s time to create the “space” for that to happen!

I’ve never known a problem to improve with time instead I’d rather apply the Principle of “The Swift Sword”

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