Recent Medical Procedure Probably Saved Mal Emerys Life

Recent Medical Procedure Probably Saved Mal Emerys Life


What I am about to reveal is very personal but I believe it is very important that I do so. That said, you may choose to check out right now if you are particularly sensitive.

Picture this, it is Saturday morning in Perth a couple of weeks ago and I’m busily getting myself ready for a full day seminar with about 230 people booked to attend.

Well there in nothing out of the ordinary there, that is normal for me.

But things are about to change very dramatically, you see, my routine is to go to the loo in the morning and that is exactly what I did, expecting everything to be like normal.

I’m not one to sit on the loo and read the newspaper, I’m in and out, do my business and then the day begins… Well normally the day begins…

Things changed instantly when I looked in the bowl and it was full of blood. Now, they tell me when blood hits water it goes everywhere, so I was keen not to over react. After all, 230 people rightfully expected me to be as good as I can be… that day Believe it or not, they don’t REALLY care if you are terminal. Clients generally don’t care what your day is like, what is going on behind the scenes, how stressed out you are, what dramas you’re dealing with at home, what they care about is RESULTS.

And frankly, rightfully so. However, I did have to deal with it.

So I did what I needed to do and that was departmentalise, after all I had a job to do.

I promise you, not one single attendee would have thought for a moment that anything was wrong or that I wasn’t “on my game”, in fact proof of that was 32 of the attendees signed up to continue their education with me at about $6,000 a head.

Being able to get the job done in business in spite of all the distractions is a key commonality among most high successful people in business. Others of course wallow in their drama and misfortune giving them the opportunity to justify their present circumstances.

That approach serves no one, not you, your clients or your bank account. Again this might sound harsh, but it is reality.

As it would have it, I couldn’t even get to the doctor for about 10 days. You see, I had a further 5 seminars to do in the next 7 days in 5 states of Australia, so it had to be business as usual, although I had booked in to see a doctor immediately after I got back.

I tried not to get too concerned, you see, I had my first colonoscopy at 50 years of age, in fact at 50 I had everything checked. I did it all again about 55 and I was planning to do it all again at 60 anyway.

That amounts to 3 colonoscopy’s in 10 years, cholesterol and prostate.

Surprisingly enough, about 5 years ago my sister called me to say my brother had had a colonoscopy and they found early signs of cancer. She suggested I have a check-up. I pointed out to her that I already had, in fact 2 and she wondered why.

I said “Sis, it’s about prevention. I do this every 5 years”. To me strangely, the rest of my family wasn’t so conscious about prevention until it became a problem.

We have all heard the saying “Prevention is better than a cure”, now that applies to business and to you personally, I don’t get it why business people wait until things go bad to seek a solution.

After all, you should dig the well before you are thirsty, not when you are thirsty and yet only 4% of people when presented with a solution to their business problems, act on it.

Crazy I know but stats don’t lie.

Anyway, I went in for the mandatory colonoscopy and eagerly awaited the results in the recovery room.

The surgeon had removed 5 polyps, known to be a pre-cancerous condition. His prognosis was that everything looks fine and that I should have another colonoscopy after 3 years.

It seems if they discover polyps, you should be tested more often.

All of this prompted a prostate test and again, it came out trumps, it was normal.

By the way, 2 of my favourite clients weren’t so lucky recently where prostate cancer is concerned, another female client has a breast cancer condition to deal with, she is also a favourite of mine.

Cancer doesn’t care how nice you are, nor does money, nice people with nice products go broke also.

I have been into prevention for years, in business the best form of prevention I know is modelling, modelling other people who are already successful, that is how I started in business at 22 after being fired by a multi-national company.

You see, I asked the owner of High Wycombe Hardware, Owen McGrath if he would help me start a successful hardware store like his in a different suburb.

Like most mentors, Owen agreed. Without a doubt, without his help, it would have been impossible for me to succeed to the level of success I did.

I would argue that I have never had an original idea in my life, to bloody dangerous! I made my fortune by choosing the right mentors.

And of course, what all this was, was an opportunity disguised as an obstacle. It is a bit like the bleed I had on that fateful Saturday morning, it turned out to be an obstacle disguised as an opportunity.

You see, if I hadn’t had the check-up when I did, if I had put things off, who knows what might have happened…

I’m into prevention in a health sense also, every year, twice a year I take myself off to Thailand or India for 2-4 weeks at a time. I’m well aware that my lifestyle, getting off and on aeroplanes, living on the road is not conducent to good health.

After all, I am a highly flawed individual.

In Thailand I detox and reinvigorate myself at a place called Atmanjai Health Retreat and Wellness Centre run by Michael Massey who is a great host. (

In India, I do Ayurveda, it’s the oldest health medicine on the planet, it’s the balance of mind and body. In India I stay at Soukya, with Dr. Issac Mathai who is also a great host. (

Bottom line when I come back from these places I am from 5-10kgs lighter and in a business sense “dangerous”, you see, when I’m rested I see things so clearly it literally scares me.

So what is the lesson here, for you personally and your business…

It is a simple one, prevention really is better than the cure. After all, I’m living proof!

Get to the doc, have that check-up you have been putting off, it may save your life or the life of a loved one. In business, don’t wait for things to go bad, don’t bury your head in the sand hoping things will improve.

Instead, ferret out the best mentors you can find, particularly where marketing is concerned.

“After all, failure to master marketing today is as serious to a business as is cancer to the human body” – Mal Emery

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  1. Certainly prevention is far better than cure. I joined a company 7 years ago which opened a whole new world to me. A World of measures that can be taken to minimise health problems by using health safe products on your body, in the home and safe for the world around us. Products that really work. If you would like to know more I’d be more than happy to introduce you to this wonderful company of people who care!!

    I am glad you found out your health risk in time to take care of yourself!! All the best to you.

  2. Timely advice Mal. Thanks. We are so glad we chose you as our business mentor 3 years ago. It’s taken us a little while but we are really scoring some big wins in our marketing now.

    And as far as health goes, through check-ups and understanding family medical histories, Danny is being kept watch over by specialists for 2 medical conditions and 3 for me. Still need to work harder on our personal commitment to healthy eating and exercise, but we agree that medical checkups (the kinds you don’t really want to think about … like colonoscopies) are very important. Thank you for sharing YOUR story.

  3. Thanks for the most important reminder of all Mal… we can’t be Marketing Masters if we ain’t here. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (Healthy Business)? Thanks for looking after yourself Mal !!!

  4. Yeh it just shows that just like in Life SHIT sneaks up on you in business as well. You DO NOT go Broke overnight! It’s a slow eroding process that chomps at your life savings till you can no longer beg, borrow or steal to make your bank payment so when you stop paying the fiddler the – music stops, Amen!

    I have a question that hopefully someone ( OR if your alive Mal and actually read these posts) can help me out with:
    We sell Romantic Getaway Experiences / Anniversary getaways etc and we have a database of well over 1000 people who have come, stayed, loved it and send their friends to Experience what we have on offer.

    That’s terrific but I have a bloody big problem!

    EVERYONE in the game from Dan Kennedy to Mal Emery say that “the money is in the list!”

    So we have been trying all sorts of shit to stay in contact with personal communication (like this medical rant) to making irresistible offers in the hope that these existing customers would do what’s right and book to stay more often. Alas, all this seems to do is PISS THEM OFF! Many asking to be removed from the database. We get the best results by sending stuff that’s NOT Selling anything. Silly jokes and YouTube funnies do get the best results all be it very few. People keep telling us “We know who you are, we love your place and we Will come when we are ready!” so on reflection our business is similar the a New Car Dealership. They buy a car every 3 to 4 years and that’s it. Between these purchasing periods they do other stuff and are not interested in anything we say.

    We NEED HELP on what to SAY/type of material to send to these existing clients in order to persuade a more frequent spend??

    How to use our list??

    PHONE: 0400 310 380

  5. Thanks for the timely reminder Mal.

    I’ve had a referral for a routine colonoscopy sitting on my desk for over a month now. I will ring and organise it first thing in the morning.

    I’m glad everything is fine with your health

  6. Thanks Mal. Not many of us are good at putting our personal health first above all other. Thanks for putting it in front of us. stay well.

  7. Mal,

    Great to hear that all is good in the health department.
    So pleased that your body was only giving you a warning – and of course a tiely reminder to us all.

    After putting family first for the last 18 months I am pleased to say that all is getting back on track and I am turning the marketing tap on again. And of course, as you promised, it does work exactly like a tap.

    Thank you for all that you teach and pass on to us.

  8. Well My darling Mal whenever i have seen you I have always been on the positive side of saying you ere as healthy as you looked so thank goodness you were and that you acted so positivly that you can tell the true story see you down the line

    With fondest imagination yours truly Marion

  9. Thanks for a very important reminder of all……. we must look after ourselves, because no one else will, we should all get the tests done on a regular basis, and at least lowering the risks. All the very best yourself Mal !!!

  10. Hello Mal Emery, how are you going? 🙂 Thanks heaps for the very important message, that prevention is better than cure. It’s so very true! A few years ago, I kept reading the same statistics in the media that I still read everywhere now, and that statistic was that women live longer than men. That really bothered me cause it wasn’t fair. So I decided to ask lots of doctors why that was so. I asked about 20 doctors over the next few years, every time I was visiting anyone in a hospital I would ask all the doctors I saw, and they all said EXACTLY the same thing! They all said that men hate going to to doctor for checkups and that is why they die earlier. Plus many men think they are invincible and they smoke and drink and dont eat fruit and veggies. Talk about silly huh. They said that that is why you see all these widows around, living alone for 30 years, with no husbands, To confirm my research, I interviewed all the old ladies I know, and even old ladies I din’t know, at bus stops while I waited for the bus, and they all said the same thing to me- oh yeah they said, my husband hates going to the doctor, I can’t even drag him there for a checkup. I even ask young women I know and they say the same thing too. For the masses, the men think that going to the doctor is uncool. They shouldn’t think that, as being healthy and alive- that is what is cool. So, Mal Emery as always, is totolly right 🙂 Ps- Ask any lady young or old the same question, whether or not their partner goes to the dr for regular checkups,I bet you get the same answer.! Mal Emery is so smart for going to the doctor to get regular checkups 🙂

  11. Sorry to here you had a scare Mal why do we run ourselves into the ground for the almighty dollar beats me. On saying that Yes we need to make money in order to have the best medical help and advice when we need it. Having a balance in our business and taking time out is the problem in our busy life..Take care Darryl. Tai Chi Instructor.

  12. Hi everyone and Michael Chorney,

    Thanks for all your comments, glad it has been a timely reminder hopefully in more ways then one. Just to clarify for the record, all is good with me on the health front and I am off next week to rest and reinvigerate.

    In answer to Michael’s question, in no particular order. If you piss them off easily, there is a connection problem between you and them. This will be in spite of the fact that you don’t think there is one, connection is everything.

    The otherside of that coin is if your marketing doesn’t piss someone off, it is too whimpy. I would much rather those who my message is not right for to remove themself, allows you to spend more time and money on the people who are right for you.

    Not entirely convinced they are wrapped in you as you think, after all, most people have 1 or 2 breaks a year.

    The best thing to do is Direct Marketing to them via direct mail using lumpy mail. For example, you could send them a personalised letter, hand addressed and live stamped. The headline could be personailsed also.

    eg. “So Mary and John, Why have I taken the unusual step to send you a boomerang?”

    Michal, that is called lumpy mail, or 3D Mail, you can buy plastic boomerangs on line for cents and they will easily fit in an A5 envelope, maybe even a DL.

    Then go on to say you sent them a boomerang for 2 reasons, 1 to get your attention and hopefully I have done that and 2, we would like to make you an outragous offer to come back and stay with us sometime soon, so the boomerang seemed appropriate.

    You could do the same with a set of mini bonoculars, along the lines that we have been looking out for you. All of this would definately get your envelope opened and certinly the first part read.

    Then the rest of your letter needs to go on and talk about the offer you have for them. Always include a testimonial or 2, a guarantee if they don’t love their stay with you, you will give them all their money back.

    A call to action includes urgency and scarcity. eg. this offer is only available to the first 10 people who book, a stay with us in the next 10 days.

    Always include a reason why you are doing the promotion. eg. it is a bit quiet this time of the year.

    One page copy back and front should do the job with some lumpy mail.

    However, one thing will amke and break everything and that is the quality of the list and the quality of your relationship with them.

    You could also devide your list up into a,b and c’s mailing the a’s and b’s first, that is those that have been there more recently and more often, that way you will pick the low fruit.

    Finally, you need to switch from selling to lead generating using a Free Report or combination of free report and DVD/CD.

    Something like “The Official Holiday Makers Guide… 7 Things you Should Know Before you Book your Next Holiday”.

    Obviously, this model will build your herd faster then just appealing to the people who are ready to go on holiday.

    Then you need a marketing system series of emails, postcards, sales letters, phone call follow ups for life until they buy or die.

    That is the sort of systems we create for our clients online and offline.

    One final suggestion and people don’t like this but it is more powerful then most, get on the phones and talk to them, find out why they are really not coming in and make them an offer to come back.

    Hope this all makes sense and is helpful.

    Mal Emery

  13. Hi Mal, love your openness and honesty. Thank you also for putting on a fantastic Business School event even though you had more serious issues on your mind. Good to hear about the positive outcome. We have a life long membership with you, so I expect at least another 40 years of rants from you.

  14. Hi Mal,
    We are glad to hear that it was not to serious and you are better. God forbid if It ever happens again please go straight to the emergency dept. of the closest hospital as this can be a precursor to something more serious. What i am trying to say is always look after your health first because you cannot be replaced you are too valueble to all your clients and your family.

  15. THANK YOU Mal.
    I must give credit when it’s due.
    This is the First Time that I have struck where the Marketing Guru not only reads the posts but takes the time and effort to reply!

    Dan Kennedy eat your heart out, your customer service is not a patch on Mal Emery’s.

    Mal there is a fair bit to chew over in what you wrote so I will take time to mull it over and apply it bit by bit. I see where you are heading with this but I need to be careful. You see I recently received some 3D mail from GKIC with a little plastic soldier in it which together with the copy turned me off GKIC to the point that I cancelled my subscription. I did however keep the parcel as a reminder of how NOT to communicate with my customers. I don’t believe in inflicting anything on my customers that I personally don’t like.
    I received you “Most amazing Free Gift” the other day – great material, funny how when we hear the same stuff from a different source, we learn different things from it.
    I will do some homework and make a time to talk to you soon.
    Thanks again!
    Wishing you a wonderful day
    Michael Chorney

  16. Jeez Mal! That’s a bloody crappy thing to have happened!

    I’m feeling bad now after making that joke at business school. Seriously though, as someone that went through cancer as a 21 yr old & has to have yearly tests & check ups, I know the butterflies in the tummy feeling you get waiting for the results. Even after doing it 22 times.

    Great advice to Michael on the lumpy mail as well.

    Our 1st mail out with a 10c piece just before business school resulted in an 1648% ROI. 2nd mail out is going out tomorrow with a “roundtuit” in case they have been wanting to call but haven’t got around to it!

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    You keep telling me that you’re going to live to 100 Mal, I hope it’s longer!!!

  17. Hi Michael and other folk, thank you again for your kind comments.

    A caution for you here Michael and it is a big one. You are not your client, and in fact what you think doesn’t count. Was does count is what your clients think.

    Hence what you disliked from Dan Kennedy is just your opinion although the Kennedy group should be taking note. Again if they are easily affended, it’s more about the connection you have with the herd.

    Dan has delibrately positioned himself to get away with that type of in your face marketing and his view would be “if you opted out, you are unlikely to ever become a client anyway”.(Someone who buys from you continually)

    Another way of saying this is “don’t let your own biased and opinions keep you away from a pile of money”

    In any event, nothing will compete with direct marketing through mail to your own herd you have a good relationship with and nothing I suggested could be seen as offensive, even by the most harshest critique I would suspect.

    Thanks for your comments.

    All the best,

  18. Once again Thanks for the prompt attention to my dilemma!

    This is probably the wrong place to hog your time on my marketing matters however, this type of open conversation on various marketing subjects may be a healthy forum for all members to partake in. That’s completely up to you Mal, if you stop replying to my queries I’ll soon get the massage to use another methods of communication.

    About 4 months ago, with the help of a mutual friend Brian Kowald, we produced a full colour DL size postcard for the purpose of sending out to existing customers reminding them that’s its coming on to a 1st anniversary since their last visit. Wishing them well and inviting them to come and indulge soon. No special offers were made as our database records show they come when they are ready NOT when the price is right! . Understandably, you don’t take the Mrs for a romantic anniversary celebration 4 months earlier because the price was right. (Previously we tried offers of 2 nights for the price of 1, free massage etc – NON of that worked -could not give it away as the timing for them was wrong. In desperation for income we did an experiment of going the other way – We put price up by 55%
    Result – virtually no drop in occupancy but a whopping boost in income.) Back on the subject of the post cards. Each month I have been sending out 50 or so to people who we know stayed with us for a birthday or anniversary celebration this time last year in the hope to snare then again – NO Joy! No Response! I’m not connecting so it seems I’m just wasting postage stamps. The bit that hurts it that all these people have been, stayed, written wonderful testimonials and filled in our Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we know they loved it here yet ZIPPO Response.
    Where is my thinking wrong?

    Wishing you a wonderful day
    Michael Chorney

  19. To Michael Chorney, Mal Emerys advice is the best advice ever as always 🙂 I have a few ideas too that flashed into my mind that might help you out. If I was you, I’d target brides and grooms who soon to be married, and I’d go with the angle that with the bad economy the way it is, most couples these days can’t can’t afford a flash overseas honeymoon, so tell them they should come to your business for their honeymoon and you will totally spoil them rotten and give them a 5 star experience, instead of them wasting money going overseas and staying in some budget backpaker hostel to save money 🙂

    You could do joint ventures with wedding dress shops and give them a cut of the profits for each booking they make for your business. Like Mal Emery says, who has your ideal clients before you and who has them after you?

    And do joint ventures with wedding photographers, wedding car businesses etc. in the same way. Then I would go for the older baby boomers looking for a second honeymoon. Go to the google keyword tool and look up the words honey moon and second honeymoon and romantic getaway and romantic break etc, for Australia and then click on mobile devices in the keyword tool and see how many searches a month get made on mobile for those keywords too. Then do some pay per click ads on google and on google mobile (your ads will show up on mobile phones and ipads) Be sure to only target Australia. Then put an aweber squeeze page on your desktop website and on your mobile website and offer them a free report pr free something in order to get their email adress. THen once you have their email address you will be building a list of people who are interested in your product and you can email the heck out of them 🙂

    Don’t be sad about the people who didn’t come back to your busines. They were probably the broke generation x and some of the baby boomers who lived up big on credit for the last 40 years and now they are broke cause they have to pay the banks back. It’s a worldwide thing, so don’t take it personally..

    Maybe you could also ask if you can leave some of your business cards in the waiting rooms of marriage counsellors and divorce lawyers 😉

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