Rich People Are Always Prepared To Exchange Money For Time Broke People Stubbornly Think Its Smarter To Exchange Time For Money

Rich People Are Always Prepared To Exchange Money For Time Broke People Stubbornly Think Its Smarter To Exchange Time For Money

I’m feeling a bit grumpy and frustrated this week, my insistent nagging in various directions is obviously not worth my trouble. You see I’ve basically had a week of client consultation and critiqueing ads and sales letters. What with being away for nearly 2 weeks, coming back and going away again, and then coming back and going away AGAIN after that, my days are naturally full.

What has disturbed me most has been the quality of what’s in essence come across my desk. I’ve had some of the most frustrating and difficult consultations ever. Here’s just a few of my concerns:
1. A distinct and obvious lack of research on a particular subject.

2. Total lack of strategy or tactic.

3. Complete incompetence with copywriting.

4. A distinct lack of consideration and knowledge of the math.

5. Pathetically weak offers and calls to action. Most people trying to catch a whale with a minnow.

There is absolutely no skill that a business owner can obtain that will come close to rewarding him financially than words of paper. Think about it. Every print ad, every TV infomercial, radio ad, website, BEGAN WITH WORDS PRINTED ON PAPER. But not just any old words. I’m talking about words that inspire a prospect or client to do what it is you want them to do.

Personally, and even today, I am prepared to pay an expert to perform tasks like copywriting that I am capable of doing myself because I KNOW THE VALUE OF EXCHANGING MONEY FOR TIME AND NOT THE REVERSE.

If you don’t know how to write great copy, hire someone who can. Pay once and cry once.

It’s a question of EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS. Understanding it is one of the reasons rich people are rich and the rest seem to struggle to scratch out a living. Let me explain, let’s say you are rowing up the Swan River. You are using a V stroke. It’s the most energy saving stroke you can use, but it’s also the most powerful and propels you along better than any other stroke you can master. It’s a very very EFFICIENT stroke.

Now the reason you are rowing up the Swan River is because you are trying to get to the Sydney Opera House. You see, it won’t make a skerrick of difference how EFFICIENT you are at rowing, it’s simply impossible to get to the Opera House because it’s not on the Swan River, it’s in the Sydney Harbour. So regardless of your EFFICIENT stroke you are ultimately INEFFECTIVE. I see a lot of business people who are good at what they do (efficient) but don’t seem to get the results (effective) they so clearly deserve (financial success and independence) and here are one of the reasons why…


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