Scepticism And Gullibility Can And Do Coexist In Your Clients And Prospects Minds

Scepticism And Gullibility Can And Do Coexist In Your Clients And Prospects Minds

Hypothetically speaking, there sits on the shoulder of your prospect two diverse voices. On one shoulder, is THE VOICE OF COMMON SENSE, whispering in your client’s or prospect’s ear. And on the other shoulder is THE DEVIL OF TEMPTATION, and they’re both talking simultaneously. Both doing all they can to get their way.

Add to this the fact that people seem more sceptical than ever before, THEY’RE MORE INFORMED, MORE VOCAL, THERE’S MORE MARKETING MESSAGES TO DESSIMATE FROM, MORE WAYS TO SPEND THEIR MONEY, then your task to convince them to choose you above all and every other competitor becomes more difficult and complex.

However, their gullibility has not changed, they still want to believe a magic pill exists that can transform them overnight, literally with the wave of a magic wand. This is in spite of the voice of common sense that’s whispering in their ear. Even though everything they believe in says no, they will say yes in the mere gullible hope that something just may work for them.

When a prospect is eager to believe X is true, and you are CAPABLE OF ADVANCING A LOUDER proposition that they would like to be true, supported by more and better proof they become devoid of common sense.

Better proof is provided by the use of before and after pictures, bigger better more meaningful testimonials, scientific data, irresistible offer, case studies, bold outrageous guarantees. OK so you’ve heard it all before, but I gotta tell you folks, a lot of you are failing this basic test.

What about this for an irresistible offer?

“For $198 per person, $396 per couple, I’ll put you up in a luxurious minisuite in an exciting Las Vegas hotel right on the famous strip, give you tickets to a show with name entertainers, put a chilled bottle of champagne in your room, let you drink whatever you want whether you are at the gambling tables, playing the slots, or in one of the lounges, give you $1000 of my own money to gamble with, that you keep all your earnings and as a bonus I guarantee you will at least win either a colour TV, a VCR or a faux-diamond ring.”

That’s an actual offer from Bob Stupak, the original entrepreneurial owner of the Vegas World Hotel, AND IT WAS FULL MONTHS AND YEARS IN ADVANCE. All thanks to his invention of this incredible offer that was right for both the gullible and the sceptical.

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