Send The Bill To The Herd

Send The Bill To The Herd

The single most important money lesson I’ve ever learned is the IDEA that you can send the bill to the herd, or your list of clients.

The late John Lennon was quoted as saying… “I’m going to sit right down and write myself a swimming pool.”

What he meant by that was that he was going to go and write a song that would make him millions of dollars and then he was going to use that money to buy a swimming pool for his family. In reality, Lennon was SO good at what he did – writing songs…

that he could virtually open the money vault anytime he wanted.

That’s the same level of proficiency anyone hoping to make money needs to attain. And frankly, for most of us writing a song isn’t part of it. But being an “expert” at marketing and sales is.

So you need to put yourself in a position where YOU OWN AND CONTROL a sufficient number of clients, customers, patients or prospects that will GIVE YOU MONEY, if you just make up another promotion, product, event, service, joint venture, whatever.

So regardless of what it is you want, or have to pay for, YOU JUST SEND THE BILL TO THE HERD. Kennedy maintains with his divorce a few years ago and loss of something like half his wealth that what he intended to do WAS TO SEND THE BILL TO HIS HERD. Which of course he has done with great success.

Last night as I watched the Australia Day fireworks in Perth, from the comfort of the Bluewater Restaurant in Applecross my good friend and client Steven Gillespie told me how in the last year or so how he’d taken a swag of money out of his business (most business owners never figure out how to do that, we’ll leave it for another nudge at a later date) by taking in 2 partners who bought a share each. This of course reduced Steve’s income but not for very long. Steve simply went back to the herd, CRANKED UP HIS MARKETING and I suspect without getting into numbers is pretty close to REPLACING THE INCOME HE SOLD. It would have been the same for Kennedy.

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is not having a herd, or a method of creating one. THE BIGGEST SIN OF ANY BUSINESS OWNER IS HAVING A HERD AND DOING LITTLE OR NOTHING WITH IT. As the media we use get more and more regulated due to in some part our own inability to self-regulate, and due to public outcry caused by the media hype reported against the delivery of non-permission marketing, dark clouds are descending.

Unfortunately the public, the buyers, the prospects that you and I sell to have become more and more sensitive to unsolicited material and have in actual fact used a broad brush and adopted a view that would interpret virtually any message they receive as SPAM (junk mail, broadcast fax, voice broadcast etc) In some cases, EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE HAD PERMISSION!

As we quickly become less and less tolerant to the unsolicited marketing message, the need to gather the herd has NEVER been more URGENT. After all, any time you want to buy yourself a toy, pay off a hefty loan, go on a holiday, you just go to the herd with a bucket, or a truck and ask them to pay for it.

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