Shocking Harsh Reality

Shocking Harsh Reality


Before I explain the shocking harsh reality, I just want to share this tale with you…

It’s a parable (a succinct story, in prose or verse that illustrates a lesson) to the harsh reality that follows.

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the fastest lion…or… it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up, it knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle…or… it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion, when the sun comes up… you better be running” – Dr Joachim DePosada

Frankly, in a business sense, when you wake up in the morning you better be running. After all, the business world (jungle) is full of predators waiting to pounce the moment you show signs of weakness. You need to make sure you are the strongest, fastest, meanest lion in your jungle so… you starve last.

Now to the shocking harsh reality… Here is what you are up against…


FACT: We live in ever changing, chaotic uncertain difficult economic times!

FACT: Consumer confidence is down, the Consumer Sentiment Index dived 5.7% in one month!

FACT: Nearly every business person I knows it, business is tough and they are nervous as “heck” about the future


FACT: Bankruptcies have nearly doubled from 2007 – 2010… With more grief expected!

FACT: Cost of living continues to rise with no end in sight as shoppers pull the pin on endless spending!

FACT: Consumers have been burdened by 7 Reserve Bank interest rate increases since September 2009!

FACT: Competition is fierce with consumers bombarded with up to 5,000 marketing messages per day…


FACT: International research shows you need to spend 3 times as much money to get half the result with your advertising today

FACT: “In 1965 consumers recalled 34% of commercials they had seen. In 1990, that number had dropped to 8% and by 2007, consumers could barely name 2 commercials they had seen in a given day.”

FACT: In 1968, advertisers had to spend $107 per consumer for their ads. In 2009, they spent over $1,257 per consumer for their ads.

So now you have undeniable, irrefutable shocking proof that it is getting tougher and tougher to survive and thrive in the jungle. It’s time to do something about it.

You see, there is a secret to surviving and thriving in any business jungle. You see, after:

  • 35 years of expensive business experience
  • Having owned 20+ businesses myself
  • Having made millions of dollars for myself and having helped others do the same
  • And having coached 1,000’s of people in 100’s of categories

I have discovered a reason why some people are rich and successful and other people are not. Like most secrets, it’s elegantly simple…

But first, let me tell you what it is not. Rich people don’t work ten times harder than poor people. From my experience, poor people also work hard, it is just they don’t work smarter.

We have all seen it haven’t we. Two people start out in the same industy, with the same ambition and 20 years later one is RICH running a ten million dollar company and the other has a job or is broke.

So what makes all the difference then?

The difference is… Skill

It’s the skill level of the individual, after all, you perform every task to your level of incompetence. So here it is…

RICH people master CERTAIN SKILLS, poor people do not.

And of course if you want to be seriously rich, you must become a master of online and offline marketing because it is the highest paying job on the planet.

The good news is, long before these rich and successful folk became rich, they were disasters too.

So if you would like to make 2011 your best year yet, I suggest you register your interest to attend my series of one day training events entitled “Profit and Power in the Chaotic New Economy” in March in most states of Australia.

These training events, I promise you, will put you in the top 1% of master money makers on the planet! Here is where you can register your interest:

All the Best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Mal Of course you are correct – having skills that are useful and productive is important. But I also think having the right mindset,

  2. Hi folks, facts are facts, statistics don’t lie, particularly when viewed over time. Understand all this is an opportunity, their will be winners and losers the trick is to make sure you are on the winning team. And SKILL is the key to your success… Mal –

  3. Hi Mal,
    I agree with your assessment that SKILL is the key to success.

    The statistics are damming and pretty much what we all suspected.

    The worst examples of business failure are from Owners who are ignorant.

    Owners that dont seek advice and literally leave a trial of financial destruction for others to pick up.

    Like anything, there is a fine line between success and failure. Developing the necessary Skills places the odds firmly in your favour.

  4. Hello Mal Emery 🙂 I totally agree! I got some old American newspapers from the 1920’s and the 1930’s and I was reading the ads, which is why I was reading them, to check out the ads. I was shocked at the difference between the 1920’s ads when there was plenty of money around, and the 1930’s ads when things were tough.

    The 1920’s ads showed lots of flippant stuff like how to look good, like use

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