“Smart Speed Selling – No Bull About It!”

“Smart Speed Selling – No Bull About It!”

Create a Million Dollar Sales Presentation

Recently, my wife made several phone calls to well known home building companies which cater largely to the Baby Boomer. These are all well established companies which build homes considered to be in the “luxury” category, with a relevant price tag. But despite the fact that each sale represents such high $ value, there was a chasm between the sales techniques used by the various companies. Was I surprised? Yes and no. The luxury home building industry suffers from the same level of complacency as any other industry when it comes to selling.

What every business owner and every person who is employed in a business needs to understand is that EVERY JOB is at some level, a SALES job! The onus is on the business owner and entrepreneur to not only make this clear to everyone in their organisation, but to provide smart, savvy and effective SALES TRAINING! This means that everybody understands that marketing and sales are fundamentally linked; that without making the sale at the end of the process, great lead generation systems which flood the business with potential clients and customers, are of little real value! Unwavering focus should be given to developing a sales team which approaches the process of making a sale, with COURAGE!

The process actually begins at the first point of contact, often even before the appointed sales person gets involved. This means that your receptionist needs to consider her or himself a vital link in the process to a sale!

Recently I sat in a waiting room listening to the receptionist giving a one dimensional answer to somebody asking about one of the treatments the clinic offered. I listened in amazement as she spoke in technical mumbo-jumbo, none of which meant anything to me and just as little to the previously primed prospective customer she was now busy losing, I’m sure. Nothing the receptionist said made the treatment sound even remotely interesting, compelling or beneficial. And I have NO idea how it is done. By the time she hung up the phone, not surprisingly without booking an appointment, I was no more enlightened about the treatment in question, than I had been before the call. I was appalled at her failure to understand what the lost client was actually seeking to know, with her questions!

It’s a fact that:

  1. Business owners themselves, are often lacking in sales skills
  2. Most businesses, including sales professionals, don’t use any sort of system for selling
  3. Even if there is a system in place, most employees fail to adhere to it.
  4. Few companies invest in effective sales training
  5. Most companies use a long drawn out sales process.

Like any media, telephone, print, internet or even face to face, when selling, you must follow a PRECISE FORMULA, which produces a highly predictable and profitable result. This formula, which simply follows a problem, aggravate, solve and call to action sequence, must be strictly adhered to. It’s what I call a Million Dollar Sales Presentation. It must be as scripted as Yul Brunner’s performance in The King and I, which I might add; he practised daily before each performance to ensure any slight nuance remained the same. It’s enormously expensive to get a prospect and then fail when it comes to making the sale.

Am I saying for one moment that every member of your team should speak exactly the same words every time? No. What I am saying is they should use their own words, but never deviate from the formula!

It’s your job as a business owner, entrepreneur to ensure sales training is carried out in every facet of your business. An enormous amount of money is left unbanked because of poor selling skills.

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