So what goes on inside the mind (checklist) of a multi-millionaire maker?

So what goes on inside the mind (checklist) of a multi-millionaire maker?

Here is what I have discovered over the last 40 plus years of being in business for myself and helping other people in business…

There are certain things that really successful people do that those less successful don’t do.

I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s actually true.

Why those less successful don’t do them, I have never really worked that out… other than the level of pain they are in seems to instigate action.

I say don’t wait until you are in pain… makes sense to me.

Well it is true, I have arguably created more millionaires and multi-millionaires than anyone else in this country.

Not braggadocio, just a fact.

And with that in mind, do you think it would be a really good idea to try and understand how someone like me thinks where business is concerned?

Well it actually happened recently at the end of one of my high end coaching masterminds I call “Titanium”.

You see, one of my good friends and long term clients, Simon Bowen, asked me to “explain how I apply a particular principle I speak of often to business”.

I happily obliged…

Simon typically grabbed a marking pen and started scribbling madly on a flip chart as I blurted out how this principle works.

Read on to discover what that principle is and how to get into the mind of a Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Maker and create UTOPIA in your life…

The principle I speak of is called the principle of “The Swift Sword”.

Although I have been applying it for many decades to business and life, the first time I heard that behaviour given a name was by the great Dan Kennedy about 20 years ago.

So hearing it from Dan made me recognise and realise what I had been doing.

The principle of the “Swift Sword” means you can cut the idea of something very quickly by having a litmus test you refer to.

You can apply this to your business life, your personal life and to people and places.

I am going to make it as easy as I possibly can here and just give you a list.

The list is in no particular order.

Understand that this list has made a lot of people including me wealthier than we thought possible.

Understand also that these people live their life today according to what I am about to share with you, some tell me they even “bow to the West” every day to thank me.

Understand one more thing… these principles stand the test of time.

In 100 years from now, maybe 1,000 years from now, people will be using them.

By that time of course, I would have reached my “used by date”…

Anyway, here is my “Litmus Test” in no particular order…

They are designed to be applied when thinking about going into business, or when an opportunity presents itself to you or in whatever business you are in at this moment in time

  • There must be no one between me and the money, I must control the money
  • I can dominate the category or industry and control it easily
  • There must be massive upside potential and opportunity for leverage
  • I operate in a “niche” and that can either be product, market driven or both
  • I must be able to see what the business looks like in the end when I sell it
  • I must be able to apply a marketing breakthrough either online or offline or both
  • I must be able to easily identify the ideal “slam dunk” avatar (prospect)
  • That avatar must be in pain, have money and be prepared to part with it when presented with a solution to their most pressing problems
  • My product or service must be transformational to my prospects
  • I must be able to craft compelling messages that enter the conversation my prospects are having about the pain they are in
  • I must be able to dominate and use many forms of media to communicate with my ideal avatar like radio, TV, print, telephone and the Internet in all its channels
  • It must appeal massively (throw money at you) to my ultimate client who buys the business off me for a fortune
  • I rarely consider going to a business that is massively regulated by the dumb authorities
  • The only reason I would consider a regulated industry is If my partner/s had the regulatory aspects handled
  • The business must not be dependent on the number 1, that is one major supplier, one product, one media, one marketing system because if it does, it’s not a business, it’s a promotion
  • There must be continuity income attached to the business so as I can make a sale once and get paid for the lifetime of the client
  • I must be able to create a back end range of products and services that are sold and provided to that same avatar.
  • It must have massive profit potential where I can charge what I like
  • I must be able to set myself apart from all of my competitors in that category or industry by clearly articulating my point of difference
  • I will never sell a commodity bought on price alone that is an “apples to apples” comparison in the marketplace
  • My preference is to make up all the mathematics myself $$$ meaning, I create a category of 1 in the marketplace
  • I must be able to identify a gap or unmet need/s in the marketplace that I can easily fill
  • It must not suck up an inordinate amount of my time and money
  • The business must not be dependent on someone else’s high level of skill who may be able to hold me over a barrel
  • I must be able to determine how much money I make and how hard I have to work for it
  • Where staff, partners and suppliers are concerned, I am more interested in their character then their competency because competency can be improved
  • Where partnerships are concerned, my partners must be smarter than me at what they bring to the table and they must know that I am smarter than them with what I bring to the table
  • I must be able to fire staff and people who are a pain in the ass because unlike red wine, they don’t improve with time
  • Where family and relatives are concerned, it’s easier to “f**k them off fast” and give them money than it is to fix them (FTOF)
  • I must be able to see that I can have a “giant payday” or lots of them
  • I must be able to achieve my outcome fast with speed and accuracy
  • The team I need to surround myself with to get a task done must be a whole lot smarter than I am at what they do
  • I must be able to “cheat” in a sense and rig the result in my favour every time
  • My absolute preference is that the business I go into can be turned into the opportunity to make money for someone else or I won’t do it
  • It must not interfere with my autonomy, in fact, it must contribute to my autonomy in some way
  • You must have an exit strategy before you start it both in terms of the business and partners

They are the strategies I apply when being and going into business with the intentions of creating UTOPIA in that business.

I suspect if I sat here longer there would be more, but that’s a worthy lot to start with.

If of course I can’t apply those strategies to what I am doing, I use the principle of the “Swift Sword” and quickly cut anything or anyone from any conversation, thought or effort I might undertake.

And I lose no sleep over it because it never fitted with my personal idea of AUTONOMY.

Interestingly enough, I apply these same principles to my personal life as well…

Of course, these are only my principles, that don’t necessarily mean their yours…

But think about how many people I have been able to help and then consider using them yourself.

Thank you to my friend Simon Bowen who made me think about this and for sucking this stuff out of my head and getting it on paper.

All the best,

Mal Emery

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