So You’ve Written a Great Piece of Advertising -Now What Is The OFFER!

So You’ve Written a Great Piece of Advertising -Now What Is The OFFER!

We’re back on advertising this week – because it’s VITAL to get it right! I get ad after ad, Free Report after Free Report, sales letter after sales letter sent to me for critique and it’s obvious that some people really make a big effort to follow the formula. Just as many, have just as obviously not lifted a finger let alone a manual, in an attempt to actually LEARN the formula. I wasn’t borne yesterday, I know some people figure if they send me any old excuse for an advertising piece, that I will re-write it for them so why bother to do it themselves?

WRONG! I will NOT write anybody’s advertising for them but I will point out where they went wrong! And I can recommend a good copywriter if you are looking for one.

But what is the most common mistake even those who have made a diligent effort, make?

They don’t make an OFFER! But when I say “offer” I don’t mean something that looks like an after thought on your part. Not a weakly articulated, “So-what” kind of offer; I mean a stimulating, “call them to action”, “get an immediate and enthusiastic response”, type of offer! Your goal should be to incite a sense of URGENCY in your prospective customer or client!

If you fail to include a desirable offer, you are risking that your prospective client will simply postpone taking action – forever! They lose the impulse to buy and your advertising piece inevitably finishes up taking a short trip – to the bin!

So what can you do to make your OFFER more irresistible? Well HAVE one for a start! But think seriously about the following strategies:

  1. Add Value – with more bonuses or perhaps by offering the Deluxe for the price of the standard
  2. A significant decrease in the price – without giving the prospect reason to disbelieve the value.
  3. Variable discounting – “Order by the date stamped in red” or “for the first fifteen people to order
  4. Easy payment options – two payments halved may be perceived to be more achievable
  5. Build perceived value by dividing your product/package up into parts
  6. Preferred client – people love being treated as “exclusive”, being offered something for a lower price than others
  7. Make some portion of your added value satisfy the urge for instant gratification
  8. Tell the story of an impending price increase to move people to immediate action
  9. “Pay no money now” with payments deferred by a least a month

You want to build a believable story around why fast action is required and make it clear that there are valuable incentives for those who do respond straight away. It is also powerful to underline the risk in NOT responding immediately.

EVERYTHING you do must be structured to incite an immediate response!

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