Some Dirty Rotten Marketing Tricks I Warn You Reserve Your Opinion Now And Read On

Some Dirty Rotten Marketing Tricks I Warn You Reserve Your Opinion Now And Read On


Right now, I’m going to reveal some marketing tricks that I have never revealed before that are going to upset a few people. Firstly, I don’t really give a toss about that, but secondly after all, ALL marketing relies upon tricking people in some way, if not blatantly, at least subtly.

So I want you to reserve your bias and opinions and instead focus on the value of what you are about to learn and then figure out how the heck you can make it work for you.

#1. We all know what a broadcast fax is, if you don’t, refer to the workbook that at some point in time over the last 3 or 4 years accompanied your welcome kit. There’s examples in there. Like any other media, the name of the game is to get it read. So here is a nifty little trick I want you to write on the top of any broadcast fax you send, in you own handwriting. Write “Julie, you asked me where I got those great weight loss tablets from that helped me lose 12kg in 6 weeks. Here is the information and the order details. Try it, it works. Suzy.”

It’s really a fill in the blanks kind of thing. All you have to do is substitute your product or service for the weight loss tablets and provide some proof it works via some meaningful specifics.

Can you see how this will work? You can send it to anyone’s fax. People think it was sent accidentally or to someone else. But that doesn’t stop it getting their attention. Here they think that it’s their lucky day and they just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Nifty huh?

#2. If you are using 2 step marketing, and most of you should be, that lead people to a recorded message… here’s a nifty little trick that will get more and more people calling you and ultimately that will lead to more and more sales at no extra expenditure.

In your ads, in your marketing, I want you to tell the prospect what they are going to hear when they call your recorded message line. Here’s an actual example I wrote for my wife. It’s at the end of the ad, word for word as the call to action.

“Here’s what you will hear when you call: “Hi, thank you for calling, to receive your FREE report, all you have to do is leave your name & address and we’ll send it out to you immediately. Be sure to speak clearly and spell any difficult names and your address. Please leave your information after the beep”. After you have done that we will send you our Brand-New Report the very same day you call. The call is FREE, the consumer report is FREE.

The method behind this trick is to reinforce the fact that they are not going to be sold anything and they won’t have to worry about talking to a live sales person. People are literally fearful of anything they don’t understand. Here you spell it out in plain ordinary everyday English.

If you enjoyed these two nifty little tricks, watch this space, because next week is REALLY going to upset a few people.

If you think this is criminal, you can charge me with conspiracy to commit capitalism.

Committed to multiplying your profits.

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