If you lost it all Mal and had to start again, what would you do? (Mal’s Checklist)

If you lost it all Mal and had to start again, what would you do? (Mal’s Checklist)

As I travel the country and when I talk to clients I get asked lots of questions…

The one that stands out the most, hands down is…

“If you lost it all Mal and had to start again, what would you do?”

Well that is a very good question…

You see, I have made my fortune by moving to where the money is going to move to.

In several of my books, I make the analogy of either being in a racing car in business (making lots of money) or being in a jalopy in business (working your guts out for peanuts).

Having started bought, build and sold 19 odd businesses, I am well qualified on this subject to have what I call a “checklist” or a “litmus test” if you like.

So here is my “checklist” of what qualifies a business to be a racing car, not a jalopy.

First and foremost, whatever business I get into must pass my “litmus test” of what constitutes (by my standards) a great business to be in.

Here is my VERY IMPORTANT list that’s in no particular order.

  1. Enormously high profit margins
  2. Low startup costs with massive upside potential
  3. Little or no staff (yahoo!!)
  4. No special skill or skills required
  5. I can live and work wherever I want, when I want
  6. There is incredibly high demand for the product and service
  7. I can access prospects affordably, predictably and reliably through various media
  8. I believe I can dominate the category or niche I’m moving in to
  9. Very low overheads (can be run from home, a small office or a holiday resort)
  10. Flexible hours so I own my time and enjoy the lifestyle I want
  11. Recession proof industry that makes money in good times and bad
  12. Little or no risk of failure
  13. Can’t be knocked off by competitors easily
  14. I control the money and there is no one else between me and the money

Of all the businesses I’ve owned one type of business, and one type only, TICKS ALL THE BOXES.

Best news?

ANYONE… yes literally ANYONE can do it.

The business I am referring to is the…

Information Marketing Business

I have started and sold several of those also over the years.

However, my early business life consisted of traditional bricks and mortar type businesses which are really up against it these days.

With challenges coming from all directions.

Anyway, over the years I have developed a formula for creating high profit Information Marketing Businesses.

I call my formula the “Secret 9 Step Fail Safe Formula”

D.Y.R + H.C.M. + H.T. + T.P. + T.E. + C.S.M.S. + B.T.  + B.P. + C.R. = BIG $$

  • D.Y.R. – Do your Research (so you make it hard to fail)
  • H.C.M. – Hungry Crowd with Money (irrational)
  • H.T. – Hot Topic (or NICHE)
  • T.P. – Transformational Product (or service)
  • T.E. – Test Everything (then roll it out)
  • C.S.M.S. – Comprehensive Sales and Marketing System (matrix)
  • B.T. – Build Trust (testimonials, case studies and guarantees)
  • B.P. – Backend Products (get paid for life)
  • C.R. – Constant Reinvention (iterate)

There are “3 Key Fundamentals” of a successful online and offline “INFORMATION MARKETING BUSINESS”

Key Fundamental #1 – Identify a “Cashed Up” responsive market with a HIGH INTEREST or NEED in a particular TOPIC OR EXPERTISE

MATCH that interest or need…


Apart from the fact that online training is the future of business… here are 13 IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES you get by being in the Information Marketing Business

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #1 – Demand is huge… over 93% of searches on the internet are for information!

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #2 – Replaces manual labour by MULTIPLYING AND LEVERAGING what you know (not 1 on 1 selling) – do the work once and get paid over and over

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #3 – Buyers of products and services will BUY MORE (if you do it right you are unable to keep up with demand)

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #4 – Little or NO amount of interaction with buyers is possible if desired

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #5 – Unlike traditional businesses HUGE TURNOVER AND PROFITS requires only a small quantity of staff

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #6 – HUGE PROFIT MARGINS! People will pay anything to solve a problem yet CD’s, DVD’s, paper and ink are cheap to produce and if they are delivered online there is literally zero cost in delivery.

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #7 – VERY LITTLE STOCKHOLDING required. In fact I have run a multi-million dollar business for a decade or more with about $10,000 in stock. (print on demand)

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #8 – There is not a business on earth that compete with the LOW START-UP COSTS and MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL there is in the Information and Education Marketing Business

treated like a king and obeyed like a heart surgeon because you switch from seller to educator

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #10 – You can LIVE AND WORK ANYWHERE YOU LIKE IN THE WORLD! I doubt there is any other business that affords you the pleasure of working and living anywhere you like in the world

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #11 – You can set up your business on HANDS FREE AUTOPILOT! You can enjoy cash flow 24 hours a day even on public holidays and while you sleep

There will always be an incredible demand for information from an insatiable market place

IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #13 – CASHOUT FOR A MASSIVE PAYDAY! Unlike most businesses in the new economy, a successful Information Business is incredibly easy to sell for massive dollars

There you have it, 13 IMPORTANT ADVANAGES why the Information Marketing Business is the ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS to be in.

And the good news is the Information Marketing Business works equally well in good times and bad

Hard to put up a valid argument against the Information Marketing Business being the best business on the planet.

What you may not know is I have recently returned from a private invitation event held in the USA by marketing and sales genius Dan Kennedy.

During Q&A, Dan was asked this question…

“What would you do if you went broke”?

Not so surprisingly, his answer was similar to mine.

The good news for you is I paid a fortune to hear his answer (among other things of course) and the best news is I’m going to reveal it to you for FREE right here right now.

Here is his answer to what he would do if he went broke…

#1 Who can I reach that I can help
#2 Then get a list of the likely people I can help
#3 Write a sales letter to them (today this could be online, offline or both)
#4 Use that sales letter to secure a sales opportunity
#5 Put them in a room and sell to them one to many
#6 Use the money gained to repeat and escalate the profit

What Dan is actually describing there and I will go into greater detail at a later date, is the best business I know of on the planet


Dan is a real offline guy but nothing would stop you from doing the delivery online via webinars for example and membership sites.

Better still, incorporate online and offline in your model.

I have some very good news for you…


‘CASH MACHINE’ The Ultimate Live 3-Day “Online and Offline” Multiple Streams Income Information Marketing Summit in Sydney October 23rd – 25th

The last time I taught people how to succeed in the “INFORMATION MARKETING and EDUCATION BUSINESS” back in 2004 it created more first generation millionaires and multi-millionaires in this country than anything else I have EVER TAUGHT.

Only 5 spots are available for this event so don’t “dilly dally”, this is going to thousands so I suspect they will be snapped up in no time flat.

Imagine you, a new information and education entrepreneur in the best lifestyle business on the planet.

To find out more about the greatest business on the planet, go to:


All the best,
Mal Emery

P.S. Quite honestly, of all the businesses I have owned, nothing compares with the Information Marketing Business.

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