Success is NOT a “RANDOM ACT”

Success is NOT a “RANDOM ACT”


I’m often asked if I can predict ahead of time if someone is going to be successful or not.

Who’s going to implement or not?

The truth is after coaching folk for 20 odd years, I can’t tell the winners from the losers in advance.

Here’s what I do know.

Race doesn’t seem to matter, age doesn’t seem to matter, gender doesn’t seem to matter either.

In fact, where you live, your education status doesn’t seem to matter either although the more educated you are the more handicapped you seem to be.

Even if you’re an immigrant, it doesn’t seem to matter.

It doesn’t even seem to matter if you’re an orphan.

It doesn’t even matter if you come from the proverbial “perfect family” with 2 perfect parents and 2 kids with a great education.

If all that did matter so much, there wouldn’t be one person who raised themselves from scratch to a fortune that came out of the ghetto.

Bottom-line is none of that seems to matter and it’s certainly not a predictive factor when determining whether someone will be successful or not.

Most people’s approach to business and in particular most people’s approach to marketing is “random acts”.

A common one from a typical business owner is “I need customers (or clients). I need more money in my bank account. It’s Christmas I think I’ll run an ad.”

That’s actually surprisingly is the WORST reason to run an ad.

Why? Because the market place which is results-driven doesn’t give a toss about you or your problems i.e. “you want some sales”, “you need more money”, “you want to put your kids through private school”.

You see that’s NOT how business works.

Here’s what I do know.

None of your prospects or clients are sitting at home waiting for your mail out to arrive. No one’s reading the newspaper DELIBERATELY searching for your ad in it.

No one’s listening to the radio or watching TV hoping that your ad for your furniture store pops up.

In fact you and your problems aren’t even on the radar.

They’re consumed by all sorts of “other” stuff like “the kids are burning down the house”, “someone’s blowing up the ATM in the local shopping centre”, “the mother-in-law’s coming for holidays” and “some current affair program is telling us the world as we know it is coming to an end”. The list is long.

People have lots of things going on.

Of course the BEST reason to run an ad is you’ve got something worth saying that’s likely to resonate with a starving crowd in some form of pain, with money and a willingness to pay you for a solution to that pain.

Most businesses don’t have anything worth saying in their ads. It’s usually sort of business card like.

“Here’s the name of my company,
What you do? I sell furniture
We’ve got a sale on. It’s 30% off
Here’s how you can find me.
My telephone number”…

and may be if you’re lucky a mud map to the business. Please note this accurately describes I included here that I tore out of newspaper recently.

I’ve just described nearly every ad in every media. Now these business owners that continue to put out this sort of garbage, wonder why it’s not working.

You’ve got to be better than that particularly today.

Now remember no one’s waking up today hoping to see your mail out show up in their mailbox.

Try this experiment out some time.

Grab yourself a 6 foot table. On that table over say 6 months collect all the promotional material that comes in your letterbox.

Start making “individual piles” from each and every company you receive mail from.

With a few exceptions, you’re going to get one mail out, one “random act” from some nit-wit who thinks you’re sitting there waiting for their stuff to arrive and when you get it, you’re going to race to your telephone to call them or jump in your car and make a b-line to their joint.

Trust me, I’ve done this.

It takes more than one “random act”.

Here’s what WON’T happen, if you collect your mail and divide it up.

You won’t have any piles of mail outs from any of the individual companies that put stuff in your letterbox.

It’ll be lucky if you hear from anybody even twice in 6 months.

You know people send out one mailing piece and then go “direct mail doesn’t work”

Well, “that sort” of direct mail doesn’t work, you idiot!

Sequenced direct mail, business to business or business to consumer, works better than anything I know of when done correctly.

But the market place won’t tolerate any silly little “random acts” that you might do because you want money.

Imagine for a moment calling up a “hot date“ that you hadn’t called for 3 months and saying “Honey, I’m on the way around, any chance of a hot night tonight.”

Truth is, it’s not going to happen. She’s probably forgotten she went out with you, she’s had a lot going on. She hasn’t been sitting near the phone for the past 3 months waiting for your phone call.

It takes a lot more than a “random act” to get her “hot and heavy”, just as it takes a lot more than “random acts” to get a client to spend money with you.

You’ve got to completely eliminate “random acts” from your business.

If you’re just going to run an ad because you want money, don’t bother.

If you are just going to communicate with your database once a year because you want money, don’t bother

If you’re just going to send out one birthday card and not communicate with them again for 6 months, don’t bother.

It’s a waste of time and money.

If you’re just going to build a website and leave it that way for the next 12 months, you might as well not bother either.

Now you probably know we have the revered futurist Harry S. Dent coming to Australia in a week or two. To be specific, Sydney from the 14th-16th February and Brisbane from the 21st-23rd February for a full 3 days.

If you want to find out more, here’s a link:

Now as I speak, approximately 1200 paid to attend this event, none of this happened by accident or a “random act”.

In fact it’s been 6 months in the planning.

Here’s a list of some of the things not eveything we did, to ensure this event is a success…

  1. We planned the event 6 months ago.
  2. We launched the event 3 months out from the event giving us plenty of time to assess and adjust.
  3. We enlisted the help of appropriate JV partners.
  4. The $67 standard ticket price is donated to ovarian and prostate cancer research
  5. We created 3 levels of tickets – Standard, VIP and Platinum
  6. We created 2 different types of websites for the purpose of promotion specific to various media, point being NOT just one website
  7. We have a series of radio ads running in both states
  8. We have a series of print ads running in both states.
  9. We have a complete online marketing strategy including social media, adwords, banner advertising, remarketing etc.
  10. We have a publicity campaign, in fact, at this stage it looks like Harry will be booked to speak on 30+ media including radio, TV and print.

My understanding is Channel 9, 10, 7, 2 and SBS are all wanting Harry on board.

So as you can see our success was NOT a “random act”.

So Please Get Out of the “Random Act” Business Altogether!

Instead you have to have a PLANNED IN ADVANCE, COMPREHENSIVE approach to your business and in particular a SYSTEMISED SEQUENTIAL approach to your marketing using EVERY single media that’s available to you.

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  1. Best email you have sent in a long time. Good you described how you promoted Harry’s tour. True, 99% of businesses only advertise randomly with little to show for it.

  2. Well said Mal. You are so right. Random, occasional communications definitely don’t work. I always say that reputations are built strategically both through what you say and more importantly now, through what others say about you. Through traceable, frequent Five Star reviews, to build a five star reputation for your business, market that five star reputation, get more customers and maximise the value of your business. That’s truly Optimising Business. Thanks for a great conference in Sydney too!

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