Take The Initiative!

Take The Initiative!

I get a lot of requests. And I expect that, given that I include Critique Vouchers in my Direct Mail packages and a service to my Inner Circle clients.

But I do wonder about some of them. I’ve been asked to write some stuff that the most basic of reads through my material would have enabled the client to do for themselves. And though I can’t boast the vocabulary of literary scholar, I have a fair idea how to string a few words together, enough to get the message across certainly.
And this brings me to the subject of resources. If you’re a bit shaky on using a word in the right context, or my old foe spelling, consult a DICTIONARY! And another thing every office should have is a THESAURUS, which provides you with an effective means of expanding your vocabulary, while you search for alternative words to use. I personally use an electronic one and I love it! Big boys love toys!

On the subject of my Coaching programme, we get calls every month from people wanting to know what day and time their call is scheduled for. Or what week the one-on-one calls are scheduled for. We sent out a schedule for the year shortly after the programme started, with each and every event and date clearly listed for every month.

Now I don’t mind the odd call to check. I understand that some times are more chaotic than others and my life can get as crazy as anyone’s. I forget things too.

But when the SAME people call, month after month, to ask what the day and time of their call is (and allocated days and times are constant; it would be a logistical nightmare to allocate a different day and time to a huge group of people on a monthly basis) I do feel like putting a prodder to good use! What it tells me about these people is not that they’re just busy or having a rough week, but that they seem to be in an on-going state of confusion!

Get a diary and USE IT! If you’re among the people who constantly lose track of where you should be, ask Santa Claus for one this Christmas! If you’re that out of touch with your routine, you need better systems; can’t get much simper than a diary. Or delegate. Your business is bound to be suffering. You need to take control and do something about your dilemma.

Another thing I hear is “I’m not computer literate”. Well neither am I. But I delegate computer tasks to staff. I heard my wife recently suggest to a client with a home based business, that they either enlist the help of a young family member or advertise, even in a local shopping centre, for a young student to work a couple of hours after school. Computer skills are second nature to these young people and what they can’t teach you ain’t worth knowing!

Be empowered by taking the initiative.

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