The Bad News is Money DOESN’T Care about you

The Bad News is Money DOESN’T Care about you

Lucky for me, I figured this one out VERY EARLY in the game of business.

Probably 40+ years ago.

I figured out that if I wanted to be successful in business, the best way I could do that was to help other people get what they want and I would be successful as a bi-product of that.

No of course, my personal reasons way back then to be successful in business was to provide wealth for my young family.

By that I mean plenty of food in the fridge, a good roof over their heads and a comfortable lifestyle.

Your reasons of course for wanting to be successful would be different from mine.

The list is pretty long so I won’t even attempt it here.

Suffice to say, my reasons for wanting to be successful have changed over the years.

These days, it’s more about leaving a legacy for my family and for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to stand on their own two feet.

So what I am going to deal with in this blog is the number 1 thing I figured out at 22 years of age that has made me the success I am today.

Read on to discover it and hopefully learn how to skilfully apply it.

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So here we go.
The bottom line is you need a valid reason for your existence as a business in the market place other than you want to pay off your house, go on holiday, and put your kids through a private school.

You see the market place doesn’t care about you and what you want, what it cares about is what it wants.

So one of the most important things you will ever figure out in business is why your clients should spend with you as opposed to every other business in your category or niche.

What all this means is you need to have a…

Compelling Message that Arrives in the Form of Marketing to your Prospects and Clients

One that you will all know is Domino’s Pizza’s original marketing message which was I think “Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or it’s Free”.

This message, in a sense, transformed Tom Monahan (The “Pizza Tiger”) from a little guy in the industry to a big guy at warp speed.

And I mean VERY BIG GUY.

The worst thing you can do in marketing of course is be boring.

So it all starts with asking yourself 2 questions…

  1. Why should they buy?
  2. Why should they buy from me?

Ultimately, the plan is to work out a Unique Customer Buying Advantage (UCBA) or what is commonly known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
My preference is for UCBA because it implies there is a benefit for the customer in buying.

Anyway, I have a few more closer to home.

One is a pie company on the Sunshine Coast who came to me with a lousy business name and as I recall, no Unique

Buying Customer Advantage.

Or if he did have one, it wasn’t very good…

Anyway, the guy’s name is Mark Hobbs and he was a member of my environment for quite a few years.

As I recall, the company was called “Sunrise Bakery” which sort of says nothing.

Particularly when you consider that his best-selling and most profitable part of the business was a range of pies.

I think he had about 4 shops back then and the pies were his big thing.

Anyway, I came up with the name “Beefy’s Pies” and his Unique Customer Buying Advantage became…

“Beefy’s Pies – Bigger, Better, Beefier Pies – Guaranteed”

In this case, it also became what I call your “Tagline”.

It’s obviously worked a treat for Mark because he has now got I think 7 outlets.

Here is the point.

I didn’t improve the pies, he already made great pies.

What I did is I created a message that resinated with his market, in this case, pie lovers.

Another example I can recall is Mark Lewis (it’s just a coincidence they are both Mark’s).

Mark Lewis’s company which sells shades and awnings, had been going for decades when I met him but like Beefy’s, we totally renamed it and rebranded it.

His company went from being called “Del-Ray” which again, sort of means nothing to…

“WeatherSafe WA – Outdoor Weather Protection –
We are the Manufactures so you Buy Direct and Save”

In Mark’s case his big advantage was he was the manufacturer and controlled the job from beginning to end.

That obviously appealed to his market place because every time I talk to him these days (which is probably 3-4 times a year) he tells me about how the business is booming and how much he loves me ☺ for everything I have been able to help him with.

So hopefully you are beginning to understand the power of taking the time to figure your tagline out (Unique Customer Buying Advantage).

And don’t forget, you might have to rename your business in the process.

So let’s see if we can help you with creating your own incredibly powerful tagline.

So branding for a small business is your name and your tagline and that should be congruent with the emotion they feel when they think about you and the image they get of you.

So the question will be…

How do you want them (prospects) to THINK and FEEL when they think about you (your business)?

So here are the two questions you need to answer

  1. What is the emotion you want them to feel when they think about your business?
  2. What is the image you want them to have when they think about your business?

Of course, emotion comes from the inside and is then projected outside via an image in someone’s head.

Remember, your tagline should enhance what the name of your business is and then summarise what it is you do and the benefit you bring to the prospect.

So here are the 6 critical questions you need to ask and answer if you want a great name and tagline for your company.

And remember, don’t waste the name of your company by calling it something obscure that nobody but you would understand.

The name of your business is a marketing opportunity not to be wasted.

Years ago, I got to name a start-up company which is every big these days and all over the world I believe.

Here is the name…

“Innovative Hair Loss Solutions”

The name says it all doesn’t it…

You immediately get the emotion of what it would be like to have a “head full of hair”.

And then of course, you have an image of cutting edge innovative solutions and ideas to do that.

Anyway, back to the 6 questions, here they are…

  1. Think about your target audience?
  2. What are their fears, frustrations, wants, desires and needs?
  3. What is the emotion you want to invoke in them?
  4. What is the image you want them to get when they think about you and your company?
  5. Does the name of your company represent what you are trying to achieve?
  6. Does your tagline describe what it is you do and the solution you offer to your clients and prospects?

I promise you, if you do this exercise it may be the most financially rewarding thing you have done for your business EVER.



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