The Biggest Obstacle To Making Big Gobs And Gobs Of Money Fast

The Biggest Obstacle To Making Big Gobs And Gobs Of Money Fast


I’m not a big believer in external motivation and confidence created through external forces, in fact, I’ve positioned myself as the polar opposite of a motivator and instead promoted myself as the No Bull, No Sugar Coating, Tell it as it is guy. I think real confidence COMES FROM COMPETENCE. Particularly where making gobs and gobs of money is concerned. The thing about competence is it comes from doing things repetitively.

Often you will fumble your way through something the first one or two times, until you feel your confidence growing as you figure things out.

The speed of which money can be made is another limiting belief. The idea that it can’t be done or that it certainly shouldn’t be done fast, the whole connotation of getting rich quick is it’s a bad thing, is a limiting belief. I often ask a room full of people “Who’s got an issue with getting rich quick?” Bravely, a handful of people always put up their hand.

However, I’m well aware that only represents a very small proportion of those that really believe making gobs and gobs of money really fast is in some way wrong. The reality is the real problem is accepting the getting rich SLOW or making gobs and gobs of money SLOWLY IS ACCEPTABLE.

Entrepreneurs are impatient people and a VERY big difference between us and others is A SENSE OF URGENCY. Of course, this same urgency is the hardest thing to instill in employees and our suppliers. The fact is most people go through life with an attitude of… “if we don’t get it done today, we’ll get it done tomorrow”. Trouble is, all those delays add up over a lifetime and it costs a lot.

You have to reach a point where waiting till tomorrow won’t do.

The other big obstacle to making lots of money fast is a lack of information. You’ve often heard me say that I’m surprised at how little information people collect when making major decisions. I would go so far as to say most collect maybe 5% or 10% of what they should have at their disposal to make decisions and implement strategies.

The person who makes the most money fast is the one who has the most information at their fingertips about what it is they are trying to do.

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