The Biggest Problem I Encounter From Business Owners

The Biggest Problem I Encounter From Business Owners

It doesn’t matter what media I use, whether I am on my feet flapping my lips, whether I’m working one on one face to face or talking over the phone, if not stated verbally the look on literally everyone’s face is saying “My business, my clients are different and that won’t work for my business.”

It’s one of the first hurdles Rebellious Entrepreneurs have had to overcome before they can reach any level of freedom. That said, it’s one of the biggest reasons most business owners never get to enjoy the same level of freedom we enjoy or aspire to. They steadfastly stick to the notion that their business is different and of course, just to prove themselves right, they stay right where they are. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most copywriters are confronted with the same problem and proposition when writing copy for clients… like “that gimmicky sort of stuff wouldn’t work for my clients, they’re too sophisticated for that”. Let me tell you… a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a Lear jet or a $95 Virgin Airline ticket to go visit your inlaws. It doesn’t make a different if you’re a CEO of a publicly listed company or the barista pouring coffee at the local café. Your emotions are the same, your buying processes are pretty much the same, and therefore you respond the same to advertising, marketing and sales strategy.

Copywriters know and so should you that…

Demographics do not alter strategy.

Demographics may only very slightly alter copy.

Demographics may only truly alter presentation.

Case in point, I’m almost at the point of releasing an information product that has taken me far too long to get to the market, it’s entitled “The Craft of Writing for Children for Fun and Profit MADE SIMPLE” ( ). Now my strategy in selling this product does not alter from the strategies I use in selling other information products. Yet given that we are talking to an audience about writing, I’ve paid particular attention to the way the copy has been written, although the changes are subtle and hard to find, except for those particularly attuned.

When it comes to the written free report that I’m now having a graphic artist assemble, it will look completely different from anything you’ve ever seen from me in the past. It’ll be glossy paper, it will have a cover, there will be colour, I will even use graphics, which I rarely if ever use (it almost feels like I’m organising a party). The presentation will change because of the demographic.

I will however use all the same gimmicks I’ve used in the past, like 10c coins, lumpy mail, handwritten live stamp addressed envelopes, the fake express mail envelope. Why? Well firstly, demographics do not alter strategy, gimmicks work at every level because everyone is bored at every level, because people are people and buyers are buyers at every level, because people long to be amused and have fun at every level. Same applies to your clients.

Bottom-line, your business isn’t any different, so follow the formula above.

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