The Circle Of Success And How I Am Going To Die

The Circle Of Success And How I Am Going To Die

Recently during a 3 Day Platinum Closed Door Mastermind Session I had a premonition. It was brought on by the fact that I was constantly being “harassed” by my members to the point where I literally couldn’t go to the loo in peace.

This was irrespective of the fact that I was spending 3 full days with this elite group and a further 6 days coaching and consulting with many of them. Most nights included.

The reality is I don’t get to the Gold Coast too often, so I’m always booked out months in advance by people wanting to take advantage of an opportunity to work on their business personally one on one, and that’s fine, it’s part of what I am paid to do. The downside of course is if I am constantly bombarded with questions ultimately I’ll finish up worn out and of no use to anybody.

It was a premonition of how I am going to die. Have to say the 60+ attendees looked rather shocked when I made the announcement after one of our breaks. Here’s how it unfolded:

“Folks, during the break I had a premonition. It was a premonition of how I was going to die, and the story had two endings, one happy, one not so happy. In my first premonition I was lying on a banana bed under a palm tree on a tropical beach at a very ripe old age and along comes 6 beautiful young ladies who promptly decide to sunbake naked before my very eyes. (Don’t get jealous guys, this is my premonition, not yours). Anyway, my poor old heart couldn’t take it and I succumbed right there and then with a smile on my face.

My second premonition wasn’t so much fun. Here I’m lying in intensive care, I’ve got a minute or so to live, there’s tubes going everywhere and I’m having oxygen pumped into my system. Not exactly the way I’d choose to die. Anyway, here’s what happens. In walks one of my clients, who I thought had come to say his goodbyes and thank me for how I had helped him in his business life, how he had become rich, how his children got to go to private schools and how they got to live in a flash house, and how none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for me. How wrong could I be? Instead, here’s what was said to me… Mal, I know you’ve only got a minute or so to live, and that you are really busy trying to stay alive right now… but I just want to ask you one REALLY REALLY important question before you die………”

The good news is, it worked. The Platinum Members although having a joke with me about it over the rest of the 3 days, got the message, and the message was “Leave me alone in the breaks over dinner, give me a chance to catch my breath and it’ll allow me to do my job better”. This story of course is all leading me to a master plan. It’s what I call the CIRCLE OF SUCCESS.

It sort of looks like this. The 10% in blue is what I’m good at in business and what you graph “The Circle of Success and How I am Going to Die”need to be good at to achieve a high level of success in what you choose to do. For example, in my business I’m the best marketer, the best copywriter, and the best presenter from my feet. Every other function (the purple part of the circle) my business performs is performed better by MY STAFF and the PEOPLE I SURROUND MYSELF WITH. It’s what I describe as LMS (Lesser Mortal Shit), or $15 problems. THE TASKS DETERMINES THE TEAM.


You see, most of the money you’ll generate will come from being really good at 4 or 5 things not one hundred things. The secret is to figure out what the 4 or 5 things are. I figured out what my 4 or 5 are and got busy getting good at them. Interestingly, everything I now do well I once did badly. Everything I still do badly I do badly because I never invested sufficient time, money and energy to do it well. Same for you.

My Platinum Members have figured out that I offer some component of what represents the 10% to them and they’ll stop at nothing, NOT even my demise, to see they get the solutions to their most pressing marketing problems. And I’ll say in their defense, the quality of their questions are often extraordinary. Ask the right questions, and you get the right answers. Ask the wrong questions and you get the wrong answers, most people of course don’t ask any questions and never get any answers.

When they asked the famous bank robber Willy Sutton why he keeps robbing banks, he replied “That’s where the money is.” It’s the same with the Circle of Success. The money is in the 10%, so go figure out what 10% you need to get good at.

Committed to Multiplying Your Profits and Guilty of Conspiracy to Committing Capitalism

Mal Emery


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