The Enormous Importance Of Titles

The Enormous Importance Of Titles

Most of you would have heard of mail order veteran Melvin Powers, the distributor of “Think and Grow Rich”, hard copy. What you may not know about Melvin is he made a fortune out of simply changing the titles of books. Strangely enough that’s all he changed to turn them into best sellers. Without exception these books have failed previously.

Other titles that come to mind that convey something in the title are books like “One Minute Manager” by Wonder Sykes, one of Robert Kiyosaki’s earlier books “If You Want To Be Rich and Famous Don’t Go To School” also comes to mind. My own best seller “Your Right To Be Rich, the 9 No Bull Laws Of Speed Wealth” promises speed and simplicity. The list of titles are too numerous to mention but I’m sure you get my drift.

The thing is, this does not just apply to books or info products or titles on free reports or other material offered in lead generation.

It actually applies to all sorts of products and services, including the title of your business. For example, Budget Rent-A-Cars name conveys a position and an emotion yet Avis and Hertz don’t. I’m proud of a hair loss company I named Innovative Hair Loss Solutions, is there any doubt about what this company does? It’s obvious they’re in the hair loss industry, their products are innovative and solution orientated. It’s all in the name. Last I heard this company has gone international.

Product names are important also, Misty Mountain Organic Water leaves nothing to the imagination in fact it adds to your imagination. Obviously this company sells bottled

water. Peter Nicholas from Naturopathica has made a fortune by carefully naming his products, here’s just a few: Hair No More, Vein Away, Fat Blaster, Meno Ease, Cholestaguard, Deep Sleep, Horny Goat Weed for Men and Women, Hangover Stop, Mood Lift, Pregnancy Plus etc.

What about your guarantees, bottom of the jar satisfaction, money back guarantee versus satisfaction guarantee. The world’s most comfortable work boot versus satisfaction guarantee. Look it even extends to a simple sandwich, something as humble as a chicken and salad roll even. When I was in the food business my best selling product was a chicken and salad roll called Paradise Polly, it came with chicken, semi-sundried tomatoes, avocado and a spicy sauce and people were only too happy to order a Paradise Polly as apposed to the costly, time consuming alternative of ordering a custom made roll.

In a marketing sense I call my newsletter “Midas Touch” this too conveys an emotion. Even the Inner Circle Mastermind Mentoring Group Bronze, Gold and Platinum were not an accident, it’s something I thought long and hard about, it too conveys a message.

If you’re going to put a title on something – your book, your product, services, process, business, guarantee make sure you give some deep thought to what you want the title itself to convey to the market place.

Never waste an opportunity to take your client by the hand and to be a marketer.

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