The Erroneous Theory of “Undeserved Success”

The Erroneous Theory of “Undeserved Success”

I am sure you’ve heard of “Dr Phil” from the Oprah Winfrey and Larry King shows and more recently his own TV show. Anyway, mention his name around any psychologist … then stand back while their face turns red with anger and their body shakes with pure indignation as they explain in no uncertain terms why there are better qualified and far more worthy therapists than “that chubby charelton Dr Phil!!”

My clients and good friend, Chiropractor Dr Chen Tay, three years ago at the relatively tender age of 22, together with his fiance Margaret who has since become his wife, started his first Practice with little or no money! It’s imporant to note that this was already an operating, one million dollar Practice and Chen’s purchase included the freehold! Now 25, Chen actively works only three days in the business and he sees up to a staggering 200 patients per day. If you were to speak to his peers, almost without exception, they would tell you his style of advertising is a disgrace to the Chiropractic industry. They might also insist they themselves have been a practising Chiropractor for far longer and with better qualifications. They might ALSO say that Chen doesn’t deserve to be in the position he is and proclaim themselves far more deserving of it! But there is a small contingent within the industry prepared to think differently. Chen is also sought after and paid well for his marketing methodolgy, by many of his peers!

Of course the “Wanna-be’s” miss the point entirely and even more importantly, they miss the opporunity! You see, there’s no such thing as undeserved success! Dr Phil IS superior to other “shrinks”, in some important ways, which relate directly to his current situation. And Chen recognised many years ago, in his first years of studying Chiropractic, that the paltry 3 hours reserved for the subject of Marketing in a 5 year course, was ridiculously inadequate! He understood even then, that his success was dependant on him becoming a great MARKETER of “the thing”, not on him being great at “the thing”.

Dr Phil and Chen both understand something very important; they both know that it’s not academic qualifications or supreme professional skills that has led to fame and fortune, particularly in Dr Phil’s case. Rather it’s the result of action they have both taken.

And still the “Wanna-be’s” and other losers cling to the notion of “undeserved success”. Otherwise they have no way of justifying their own lowly status and empty bank accounts.

For many, the notion of “undeserved success” has become something of a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”, which gives them a sense of comfort and shelter in the face of their own feelings of inadequacy. Without this “safety clause”, they would only feel overwhelmed by guilt, fear and dispair! The warning is simple; the better you do and the more visible you are, the more people will be ready to cast their “sorry” judgement; that you are undeservedly successful.

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