The Fastest Way To Get Into Debt Is To Find A Need And Try To Fill It

The Fastest Way To Get Into Debt Is To Find A Need And Try To Fill It

No doubt about it. If you only learn one thing from me, I hope this idea will be it.

Let’s talk about what a “need” is. You see there are different levels of “need” someone can have. The first level is the basics of life. You know, food, clothing, shelter, paying taxes, etc. The things we all need to deal with on a regular basis, things needed for our survival.

Then, there are the second level “needs” which are sort of basic, but not really basics. Things like good food, decent clothes, nicer shelter, etc. You see they are not really “needs” at all. No, “need” is the wrong word here. What they are is much more important than a “need” would ever be. What they really are, is WANTS!

Let’s face it the only things we ‘need’ revolve around chemical intake of oxygen, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. The stuff we “need” to live. Almost everything else beyond that is a WANT!

Have you ever stopped to think about what the word WANT means? Instead of need? Well, if you look in a thesaurus, you’ll see synonyms like: desire, craving, yearning etc. Did you notice anything in those words that resembles a “need”, or do they all indicate exactly what a WANT is:


Yes, a WANT is what somebody will spend any or all of the only three things they have to spend: time, money or energy.

Think about what people spend these three assets on, things like Laser Hair Treatment to re-grow your hair, cosmetic surgery, Mercedes or a Lexus, a holiday at Broome’s Cable Beach, 1000 square meter house, a high-rise apartment on the Gold Coast and on and on. Does anyone “need” any of this stuff?

In other words, we all trade our assets of time, energy and money on things that we ‘WANT’. And, you, my friend, do the exact same thing yourself. So do your kids, and spouses, and family. Everyone seeks what they WANT. Always have and always will.

All through time, people have attempted to conquer their neighbours. To enslave weaker cultures. To build monuments of power and wealth. To venture out into the unknown. To create wealth, and destroy harmony.

All those actions are motivated by a WANT for something more, or better, or different, or bigger, or faster, or prettier, or safer, or whatever. As a matter of fact, if the motivation of humans came only from searching for “needs”, all our world would be is a group of primitive animals, hunting, gathering and dying. All of our progress and improvements have their roots in our WANT for more bigger and better.

So, here we have this deeply ingrained, unshakable part of our entire species collective conscious, driven to get what we WANT.

It’s clear that few people will respond to any marketing and advertising you do to prosect for a client when it appeals to what YOU think THEY NEED. Is there anything more irrelevant on this planet than what YOU think someone else “NEEDS”?

No One Cares About What YOU Think They Need!

Although, a few people will respond to what you think they need. That’s how these big institutionalised companies and advertising agencies stay in business. They have enough money to get millions of lousy marketing efforts out there, and dredge up a tiny percentage of the “need” buyers.

If People Truly Believe You Are Getting Them What THEY

Really WANT, You Will Have Discovered The Key To The Money Vault!

To enjoy any large degree of success, you must prospect by enticing and providing your target customers with what THEY really ‘WANT’. Once you’ve established a solid, empathetic relationship, the other sales will come as easy as sliding downhill over ice, on a rubber raft!

The bottom line here is the fastest, most dependable way to be a success, is to market what they ‘WANT’, and give them what they need! That way, you’ll be rich, they’ll have what they want, and need, and everyone wins! Now what could be better than that?

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