The Million Dollar Question most Business Owners CAN’T Answer

The Million Dollar Question most Business Owners CAN’T Answer

There is a million dollar question that most business owners can’t answer that if they could answer it, it would literally open the financial flood gates…

The answering of this question is the reason most million dollar and billion dollar companies exist and enjoy the kind of success they have.

By the way, it works in any industry or niche…

It works for big business and small business…

In fact, I believe there is NOT an industry or category where if you figured out, you wouldn’t succeed beyond your wildest dreams…

I would go as far as to say it’s a number one question that business owners MUST answer if they want MASSIVE UNRIVALED SUCCESS.

Read on to find out what the question is, how you can then use it and apply it in your business

The billion dollar question is…

“What should I be selling?”

Well, what I know is you should NOT be selling whatever product or service it is that you sell right now.

People don’t really buy products and services, they buy solutions to a problem that takes the pain away or they buy pleasure.

The most powerful of those of course is a solution to a problem that takes the pain away.

So in actual fact, the technical mechanical thing you do is the last thing you should be selling to them.

I know what you’re thinking, Mal’s lost his marbles…But stay with me, I promise a massive pay off.

You see, when I ask a typical client what they sell, the sort of comment I get is “I sell beds and mattresses you idiot! What do you think I sell?”

You don’t really sell beds and mattresses… if you must know, you really sell comfort, a good night’s sleep and all the health benefits that come with that…

Let me show you an actual example right here.

It’s a typical editorial we might write for a client.


What I have just revealed to you is an actual Advertorial, that means it looks like it has been written by a newspaper journalist or journalist in general, when in fact it’s editorial when it accompanies an ad.

Hence the term “Advertorial”, combination of editorial and an ad.

It works in any media, radio, print, TV, online or even direct marketing, it’s the only sort of advert to use for lots of very good reasons…

Firstly, it’s far more believable than an ad.

Secondly, it enters the conversation someone is already having. E.g. Problem, solution, pain and pleasure.

Finally, more people read it, listen to it and pay more attention to it than a typical ad in any format.

Anyway, back to my point…

“What should you be selling?”

You should be selling what the client wants most.

Now that may mean you don’t have that product or service right now, if that’s the case, the smartest thing you can do is create the product or service they want and stop selling what you have got “in your wagon”.

So the answer to the million dollar question is…

Sell people what they most want to buy because then, selling gets a whole lot easier

Then you build a bridge between what you sell and what they want to buy.

The absolute best way that I know of to find out what it is they want is to ask your prospects or clients what they want…

Why does it work so well?

Because they are already experts!

Every time I try and guess what they want and I’m pretty savvy, I get it wrong.

With all that in mind, I want to ask for your help…

You see, I have got a questionnaire that I would like you to answer for me to help me help you better…

It will only take you 20-30 seconds and it will empower me to reverse engineer what we sell to you based on what you want most.

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As a special incentive, an ethical bribe and a “thank you”, I would like to gift you an E-Book copy of my bestselling book, “your Marketing Sucks and You Know It”.

I am told it made #4 on Amazon a year or two ago, so it’s a genuine FREE GIFT.

It will help me answer my own Million Dollar Question (M.D.Q) where my clients and prospects are concerned…

I suggest you do the same.

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All the best,

Mal Emery


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