The Number 1 Secret To Wealth

The Number 1 Secret To Wealth

1330422697_378px_Mike_TysonCould it be true that there is a number 1 secret to wealth? Well, I believe there is and let me put it to you this way. I expect you will remember Mike Tyson, the famous and infamous world heavy weight boxing champion. What you may not know is Mike Tyson earned about 400 million dollars during his boxing career and was paid up to 10 million dollars per fight. In his early years he had a mentor who took care of him and in his later years after his first mentor died he had a mentor who didn’t take quite such good care of him.

These days I believe Mike is a bankrupt to the tune of about 70 million dollars making him arguably one of the poorest men on the planet.

Yet Mike Tyson made a lot of money with his incredible skills he had, yet when this skill disappeared so did his wealth. Mike Tyson had an ephemeral skill. To explain ephemeral, think of a puddle of water that exist after a rain storm that quickly evaporates in a day or two.

Like the puddle of rain that evaporated when Mike’s skill for boxing evaporated so did his wealth. So my definition of wealth is a little bit different to most, my definition of wealth is my definition of wealth is… something that can’t be taken away from you. Things like a business, a product or service encumbered assets can be taken away from you and as such are not included in my definition of wealth. So my definition of wealth is a…

Timeless enduring skill that you can leverage to
make more than just an ordinary income

In fact, another way to say that is stored unencumbered value, in my world the greatest life time skill that you can leverage that can’t be taken away from you is…

Marketing Skills

Let’s face it, think about it, they can take all my material wealth away from me and I could easily recreate it because of my marketing skills. By way of an experiment and for me to entertain myself, I have often asked a roomful of people, “how would you like me as a competitor?” Mostly no hand goes up, occasionally some nitwit thinks it would be great if I landed on their turf. Frankly, it will be like an Atom bomb arriving on their block.

Then I often say, “How would you like me as your partner in business to help you get what you want?” Well, ego aside, hands fly up everywhere. Eager to share part of a profit they don’t have right now with me without a cent invested on my own money – just the marketing skills between my ears.

I refer to those marketing skills between my ears as “my filing cabinet” clearly labelled under marketing and when I get a business problem, I simply go to my marketing filing cabinet for a solution.

So if marketing is a learnt skilled, which it is, and if marketing is the greatest enduring skill and wealth creation tool that a business owner can have, how come nearly everybody’s marketing sucks?

Truth is it’s not your fault, you’ve been set up for failure. Mostly you’ve never been told or have it explained to you that there is absolutely no money in your product or service, all the money is in the marketing of your product and service. Second to that, if you’ve already come to the conclusion that marketing is everything but your results don’t reflect that acknowledgement it’s because you haven’t…

practice yourself out of incompetence.

Frankly, with things as difficult as they are for the business owners at the moment the best thing you can do is improve your marketing and uncover hidden profits you never knew existed. The news gets even better, these difficult times is a kind of “cleansing of the pipe”. There will be far less competitors for us marketers to content with. So instead of doing what most people do, get your hands on some marketing stuff and go practice yourself out of incompetence.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Hello Mal.

    First of thankyou for all the information you have sent me.

    I agree with you , without the correct marketing , a company or product will flounder for months or even years.
    Know matter how good your product,or your skill is, without the correct marketing you are going to be pushing sh….. up hill.

  2. NICE shot Mal, its hard to retrain a donkey that has spent years doing things to a formatted method of application and frequency.

    A donkey’s mind is closed, except for the things that it knows. It never changes and the drudgery is never-ending.

    Just a thought that popped up from your inspiration.

    Thanks mate..

    Denis Samin. Facebook (same callsign).

  3. Hello Mal Emery 🙂 Wow, you are so smart. You should seriously live on top of a mounatin so people can come up and see you!

  4. Hi Mal,

    I’m not so sure about the analogy to Mike Tyson, and his skills evaporating along with his wealth.

    It can’t happen to you because your skill is marketing? Have you never heard of brain injury? Doesn’t matter what your skills are then the Universe hands out humility, and reliance on the kindness of others. Our ivory towers have an unsettling way of tumbling down.

    Our paths crossed in the 90’s at Money and You. Wishing you good health, and keep up the good work.


    Maureen McCloskey

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