The Secret Is All In Skill Level

The Secret Is All In Skill Level


Did you know 95% of businesses will never reach a million dollars in turn over, of the remaining 5% only 0.08% will reach 5 million dollars in turn over. And of the remaining 4% only 1.5% will reach $10 million dollars in turn over. Finally only 1 in 25 companies will only last 10 years and 96% of businesses won’t make it past 10 years.

Yet 94% of self made millionaires “did it” in business and I believe 15 new millionaires are created everyday in this country. So how come a seemingly large number of people have enormous success and a phenomenal number of people don’t.

So what makes all the difference? I believe I know…

The secret is in mastering a finite number of skills. The secret is in being an EXPERT at one thing at a time not being an EXPERT in everything, you see the better you are at something the more you get paid.

The big distinction between rich and poor is that rich people are EXPERTS at something, they MASTER one thing at a time and they learn to master things in increments. When I say increments I mean as you learn more and become better at something your income will grow incrementally in proportion to your knowledge and skill.

How do you know if you are skilful at something? Particularly when it comes to making money, I would say check your bank account. After all you can make excuses or you can make money, you can’t do both.

So if you want to get paid a lot, you have to become a ‘Master’. Remember, “Every Master was once a Disaster”.

In a business sense if you want to be part of the successful 4% that last 10 years or more, the thing you need to do is become an expert, a master in certain skills. The number one skill to master is Marketing.

So why is Marketing so important?

First and foremost there is NO money in your product or service, all the money is in your MARKETING of your product and service. Equally important is the fact that without marketing nobody knows about you, nobody knows that your product or service exists.

The first sign that your marketing is weak, is your bank account. So if you want to get rich you should become an EXPERT MARKETER because it’s the highest paying job on the planet.

So what is the definition of marketing? Here’s my interpretation, It’s “The business activity of PRESENTING products or services to POTENTIAL prospects in such a way as to make them EAGER TO BUY”

The three most important parts of that paragraph are “PRESENTING” which relates to exposure, “POTENTIAL” which relates to possibilities, and finally “EAGER TO BUY” which relates to desire and results.

The big leap for most people is realising you’re in the marketing business NOT in the business of providing products and services. When you realise this, as we do, all that changes is the XYZ. By that I mean you’re a marketing company that happens to sell XYZ. And for us the XYZ can come and go which ultimately means more opportunity for the marketers amongst us.

So I will leave you with these three questions:

1. What do you need to do to become a ‘Master’ of marketing?
2. If you did, how would your business need to change?
3. What effect would becoming a ‘Master’ of marketing have on your business financially, how much more successful would you be?

You see from my extensive experience most business owners, regardless of how well they are doing, could be doing a whole lot better. In fact most business owners are leaving more money on the table unbanked, than what they actually do bank.

So the greatest money making skill you can master, a skill that will put more money in your bank, than anything I know of, a skill that can be learned by virtually anybody is “Mastery of Marketing”.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Mal,

    It was great meeting you the other day in Perth. How’s your Back?

    I look forward to working with you over the coming year (and many more hopefuly) and learning all I can from you on Marketing.

    I must say much of what you have revealed on Tuesday hit very close to home.

    To Your Success,

    Rob Willis

  2. Awesome Mal.. Always take time out to read your posts – this is a good example of why.

    I love this quote in your ‘rant’:

    First and foremost there is NO money in your product or service, all the money is in your MARKETING of your product and service.

    I mean, it’s the main reason why companies give away such big commissions for easy sales!

    When I realized this, and the fact that I should be focused on ONE thing – it helped contribute to a huge difference in my results.

    These days I find more success in building a following rather than ‘yet another product.’

    You can always swap and trade products or services later – the one thing that everyone needs to be successful in business – is exposure.

  3. Just what I needed tonight, thanks Mal.

    I’m wasting so much time doing crap that should be outsourced, when all I should be doing is improving my marketing and persuasion techniques.


  4. Do you want a hugely successful business?

    Then learn to become brilliant in Marketing.

    Develop and nurture a strong passion for Marketing.

    There are many skilled tradesmen and professionals, but how many have succesful businesses?

    Only those that have mastered marketing.

    These people create endless leads, turn them into propects and generate new business.

    It is the number one skill required to operate a business.

    Listen to experienced marketers, speak with succesful business owners, read books, get a coach.

    Do whatever it takes to learn and master marketing.

    Develop a marketing plan and focus daily on your business marketing tasks.

    Keep on marketing!

  5. Hello Mal Emery, how are you going? 🙂

    In 1975, Gary Dahl who was an advertising executive invented pet rocks.

    In 6 months he had sold over 5 million pet rocks and he had made 15 million dollars from it (as he got $3.00 profit on each rock)

    He says that he bought each rock for a few pennies, and the packing and instruction manual for each rock costed him 30 cents.

    If that doesn’t prove that it is not about the product, it is all about the marketing, then nothing will 🙂

  6. I think it was Proctor and Gamble that said any idiot can make soap takes a genius to sell it never a truer words said in marketing…. Mal

  7. So inspirable article, here are hide a power of life quality and it is giving message about to wards life well.

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