The Truth About Testimonials And My Top 9 Tips

The Truth About Testimonials And My Top 9 Tips

“Do you ever ask yourself “What else could they want?”

You know the scenario…  You have a great product that’s going to do exactly what you say it will – in fact you are so sure of it you offer your prospects an Iron Clad Guarantee.   And yet…

…you have prospects that still want more before they will commit to buying.  They just need a little something else, they need to know they can trust you!!!   Their number one barrier at this point is a lack of trust.

Well let me tell you folks, the most effective way to overcome this barrier is by providing them with “Social Proof” and/or Testimonials.

Testimonials are proof from other people who have gone before them that you are someone who can be trusted, and most importantly proof that they are not going to be embarrassed because they fell for your sales pitch.

By using GOOD testimonials you give your prospects the reassurance they need which in turn makes them trust you and in turn they are receptive to you and your product.

Now as you would expect, there are GOOD testimonials and there are testimonials that are a waste of your paper and your prospects’ time.  So what I am going to do here is give you my 9 Tips on how I get great testimonials from my clients.

Take the time to read this as there is a bit of an art to getting the good testimonials, and one well worth learning because GOOD testimonials can increase your conversion rates massively.

PLUS I have also included a quick but exceptionally effective “7 Point Grading Check” that you should run all your testimonials through before you send them out to anyone.  It is what all my “master copywriters” use.

Tip #1: GOOD testimonials need to be specific.  Not “I love the ACME company. Their products are great.”  This type of testimonial won’t help you in any way.  You want your customers to give you testimonials like “I drank the blue potion and I had the energy to lift my car like you promised me I would!”

Now to get “GOOD” testimonials you need to be prepared and have a set of questions to ask you customers.  And of course don’t ask yes/no questions.  Instead go for questions where your customer can reveal what they love about a specific result.  For example, “What particular paragraph did you like in my book and why?”, “What was the benefit of owning the blue umbrella over the red umbrella?”, or “What part of the after hours service helped you the best”?

Tip #2: Testimonials that include your customers’ original doubt and how your product/service overcame it are invaluable.  Eg: “I was a bit wary at first as to whether the blue umbrella would keep me dry.  But I can tell you that I was very happy when during the first rainstorm, I used the umbrella and did not get wet”.

Tip #3: To get testimonials from customers that you are already familiar with, simply pick up the phone and let them know you are looking for testimonials and that you have some questions you would like to ask them.  Make sure you are ready to record what they say in case they give you a testimonial there and then. Over the phone is actually a great way to get a testimonial because as they are talking you can ask leading questions that delve deeper.

Tip #4: For clients you are not familiar with, it would be best to start off by sending a letter or email letting them know that you are looking for testimonials and that you would love them to write one out and email it to you.   If it’s someone you know is going to give you a great response, it would be worth following them up if they don’t respond within a week.

Tip #5: Always make sure you acknowledge the effort of the person who has written or given you a verbal testimonial.  A small thank-you note with a gift (perhaps one of your products that they like). They have done your company a great service by writing you a testimonial and should be thanked.

Tip #6: You don’t need to use the whole testimonial.  You can take snippets from it that most relate to the point you are trying to support with this testimonial.

Tip #7: Use as many testimonials as you can that are relevant to the subject you are supporting.  You can never have too many.  But you can have ones that are wrong because they don’t relate to the particular objection you are trying to over come.  Make sure it is congruent with your current point in your copy.  (Any testimonials that you get that don’t relate to your particular promotion keep in a file for future use.)

Tip #8: Always use the persons full name, suburb, occupation, age and family status if possible.  EG: Single mother of three… Grandmother of…  You should use company names as well if you are dealing in business to business products).

Tip #9: If you are promoting or selling online, DVD and audio (as well as written) testimonials are great tools.  These can be recorded on a simple camera with video function and then uploaded onto your site. Make sure you give the person’s name and suburb in a caption under the video.

And now here is the 7 Point Grading Check that I use with all my clients and copywriters to make sure that the testimonials they’re using are going to build trust in the prospect:

  1. None… Completely absent (major mistake)
  2. Weak… Vague generalities, no meaningful specifics
  3. Weak… Unemotional, impersonal
  4. Blind… Not ID’d by full name, place, occupation, family status, etc
  5. Poorly strategised… All dealing with similar objections instead of dealing with the four or five objections most people have to any product or service
  6. Great… But why not more?
  7. Outstanding!!! You’ve mastered the art of using testimonials correctly to build trust and allay people’s fears.

So there you have my Top 9 Tips for testimonials and a 7 Point Check on how you can make sure yours are going to “hit the mark”.

The most important thing to remember is your testimonials must build trust in you and your company in your prospects’ eyes.  By doing so, you’ll see a massive jump in your conversion to sales rate.

All the best,
Mal Emery

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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