The Unusual Desirable Common Traits Of The Renegade Entrepreneur

The Unusual Desirable Common Traits Of The Renegade Entrepreneur

When Sam Walton of Walmart fame was dying of cancer, a journalist asked him a question that went something like this. What’s your biggest secret to your success? Sam’s reply was simplistically, Break All the Rules. It’s history of course that Sam was a real rule breaker.

For example he enjoyed tremendous loyalty from his staff by undertaking a tactic of ownership where it required employees to purchase trading stock in his company, if they were unable to do so due to financial constraints he actually loaned them the money. Sam understood that if you wanted your employees to treat the company like their own, first they should have ownership. But he was prepared to go further than most would in pursuit of their ownership by lending them the money to do so.

He also bought an aeroplane so he could take low flying flights over potential locations for his next Walmart store, even though at the time he had no idea how to fly. After all Sam believed if he could drive a car “flying an aeroplane couldn’t be that hard”.

As the story goes he was flying one day with one of his son’s, when over the airwaves came an order to change route, to the shock of his son, Sam simply leant forward and switched off the radio. Like most entrepreneurs Sam Walton was prepared to stick his neck out.

Here are some of the traits I’ve personally observed when working with many entrepreneurs from many fields.

Firstly, they have a bias for taking massive action. This bias is quickly followed by implementation and execution. Entrepreneurs are almost always juggling many balls at once and have a capacity to do so. They also understand that nothing will ever be perfect and perfection will lead to paralysis. They’d rather do something than do nothing. Their philosophy seems to be “at least if I do something I’ll get a result, even if it’s not the result I expect”. They appreciate and understand the skills they lack and surround themselves with a team that compliments their short comings. They know that the task determines the team and they endeavor to hire people who do a better job than they do themselves. They often lead from the front and rarely seek permission or conciliation. Detail is not necessarily an attribute entrepreneurs aspire to or possess, in fact it’s the big picture they’re interested in.

But what all entrepreneurs I’ve described above do most is aggravate the hell out of their loved ones and staff alike because someone has to pick up the pieces and might I say Thank God they do!

Facts about the Entrepreneurial Life:

If you live the life of the entrepreneur, yours will be a rich, unique, exciting, rewarding and immensely fulfilling life. You will also unwittingly offend some people and disappoint others. You may incur the wrath of those who don’t carry the same flame within them …and the most envious may even try

to bring about your demise. Some of these people will be quite close to you, others unknown. And on any given day, the cast of these characters may change. What you must understand is that the need to be universally liked, appreciated, understood, respected and treated fairly, has the power to render you more harm than the enemy you can see! If you cling to it, it will inhibit any real success. It’s when you can cast neediness aside that anything becomes possible.

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