The Value of Showing Appreciation.

The Value of Showing Appreciation.

I have an aversion to schmaltzy movies; in fact I can’t stand them!

But showing appreciation is not schmaltzy, it’s a simple way to make yourself and so your business unforgettable.

If you roll out the red carpet for a Billionaire, he won’t even notice.

If you roll out the red carpet for millionaire, he’ll expect it.

If you roll out the red carpet for a “thousand-aire”, he’ll thank you for it.

If you roll out the red carpet for a “hundred-aire”, he’ll tell everybody about it!


Good Business is more about building long term relationships than in making short term sales. A letter costs 50 cents to send – and has the capacity to effect the person you are sending it to in the most profound of ways; I’m not talking about their wallets so much as their hearts!

How do you feel when somebody actually takes the time to express gratitude and treat you with the respect you deserve? Surprised? Special? Even elated?

I could ask you how you feel when your efforts are ignored!

More importantly, how long will you remember the person who extended these simple courtesies to you? What about FOREVER? And who will you think of FIRST when an opportunity to do business presents itself?

However you use them, you will be amazed by the effect they will have on the person you send them to.

Thoughtfulness and good manners are nothing more than a powerful symbol of the respect we have for the person with whom we are communicating. And voluntary acts of kindness are never forgotten!

That old saying “It’s the little things that count”, is as true today as when the words were first spoken. Saying THANK YOU might seem like a very little thing, but in effect, it can wield greatly underestimated power!

There are a myriad of ways to express appreciation. However doing so with WORDS, expressed in a sincere manner, is not only the most straight forward and uncomplicated way, but surely the most effective. You can send a gift with a card or letter for added impact.

If you want to build a solid and enduring foundation beneath your business relationships, show appreciation – to your staff, your colleagues, your clients, your suppliers and your associates.

I find whenever I do; it’s never long before the same courtesy comes back to me!

Best regards


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