These 4 Steps Will Show You How to Target Your Customers!

These 4 Steps Will Show You How to Target Your Customers!

In simple terms, for your marketing to be successful, you must identify your prospective customer or client and enjoy a position in the market that ensures they choose YOU to do business with rather than your competition.

But what are the specific things you need to take into account, for this to happen?
There are FOUR basic steps or questions you need to know the answers to.
1. Who IS your potential client? Who wants to buy or could be motivated to buy what you are selling? Furthermore, are you aware of any financial, geographical or demographical factors that might influence their ability to buy from you?
Would you like to know a simple way to get the answers to these questions? Once again, it’s listen to the clients you already have! Ask them and LISTEN to the answers they give you! What they have to say will empower you to customise to the needs of your market. And if they express negative feedback, LISTEN EVEN HARDER!

2. What are their REASONS for buying? Do you have a good handle on both the emotional and physical factors that may influence their decision?
The emotional factors (E factors) that motivate people to buy are fear, love, greed, guilt and pride. The most powerful of these is FEAR! Your goal should be to hit the E Factors during your sales process.

3. What aspects will you highlight? And what supports your superior position in the marketplace? Is your product or service unique? Does it offer great benefit to your target market? Is there a point of difference you can articulate and emphasise, or even create? Your Unique Advantage should come from these areas: product, price, process, marketing and service.
Despite the fact that another car rental company dominated the market at the time, AVIS adopted the slogan “We try harder”! Is there a unique niche you can fill in the same way? Something you can tell your prospective customer or client that you do or provide that the “big boys” don’t, even can’t because of their size?

4. HOW do you intend to sell ‘it’? Brain waves are a common occurrence. And sometimes the result is truly impressive and answers a strong demand in the marketplace. But the developers or creators of ‘it’ haven’t a clue how to get their product from their hands and into the hands of their prospect. What system do YOU have for your ultimate goal of achieving a sale? Define how many steps there are to a sale, then set about refining and improving each of these steps. The result will be your sales will be made faster and with greater ease, and with greater profit for you. Surely worth the effort you make!

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