This Principle Rules Mal Emerys Life

This Principle Rules Mal Emerys Life

Of my most recent Rants, three particular subjects have met with your interest and response more than others.

One was how to get more of the right stuff done. Two was the power of setting goals, and thirdly, of course, how I did myself some damage coming off my push bike recently.

While wanting to give you more of what you want, I have decided that having another accident and finishing up in Emergency, is not actually on my agenda, even though it did get your interest, quite honestly for all the right reasons and thank you for your kind words.

So I have decided to reveal to you a powerful principle I have lived my life by. It does take “brass balls”, and most people even when their life depends upon it, can’t do it, or won’t, even though it is incredibly simple.

You go figure, anyway here it is…

It is called “The Regiment Principle” and its definition using is: “to manage or treat in a rigid, uniform manner; subject to strict discipline”.

Let me explain what I mean and why this principle, above all else, will see you get more of the right stuff done and maybe even more importantly, your employees get more of the right stuff done, be more productive, and enthused about what they do.

For example, AIDS sufferers, if they want a chance to live, have to follow a very, very, very strict regimen of pill popping. This many pills at that time, with food, without food, before a meal and after a meal, refrigerate, don’t refrigerate. Some pills are taken to compensate or counteract the side effects from the AIDS pills in the first place. The supplement list is exhaustive.

Studies have found that with any type of medication regimen, whether it is to treat HIV, diabetes, or high blood pressure, there are several reasons why people have difficulty adhering to their prescribed medications. (These Statistics are from Adherence to HAART, 1997) One study found:

  • 40% of people said they simply forgot to take their meds
  • 37% slept through a dose
  • 34% were away from home
  • 27% had made a change in their therapy routine
  • 22% were too busy to take their meds
  • 13% were too sick
  • 10% were experiencing side effects
  • 9% were suffering from depression

After much effort on behalf of the medical industry to help AIDS sufferers, and in spite of all this, and the fact that the regimen could quite possibly save or extend their lives, a large number simply couldn’t or wouldn’t, follow it. Some did follow it for a little while, others simply couldn’t stick to the regiment.

This in a sense is true of all of us. We all know intuitively what is good for us and what isn’t, and I do of course have enormous sympathy for this group. It just seems to be a fact of nature.

Can’t remember where I read it but it went like this…

“Only 4% of people, when presented with a solution to a problem, act on it.”

Either way, that stat is pretty close and darned scary.

So here is a regiment…

And it’s only a regiment if you do it literally every day. Simply too many exceptions to that and it is no longer a regiment.

Every day everyone who I pay money to on an on-going basis, meaning employees and contractors, are required to produce a list of what they intend to get done the next day, and the same list contains a list of the results from the previous day. This is a regiment and there are no exceptions. It also contributes incredibly to productivity and clarity for all.

This list must not be created in what I call “prime time” by my staff and contractors. Prime time is in a sense 9 to 5 when they are working on the stuff that makes me money and helps me do what I do in this business, better than anyone else, that no one else can do.

The list is to be created last thing in the day, whatever that means to you.

Yes, the world does revolve around me, and it should revolve around you too, if you are the most important person in your business. If you are not, then maybe you should be working for them.

You see there is a good reason that people don’t get a lot done, including multi-million dollar salary earners for huge corporations.

And it is because they are busy making choices about how to use the time. So many things to do… where do I start?

This should be pondered and planned, not in prime time, but while driving home. For example, in prime time, sales people, should not be pondering, they should be doing and selling.

So… go to work on a list (not in prime time) each day on what you are going to do the next day, how you intend to do it, and when it is going to be done. I even make a list of 3-5 things every day and I don’t leave the office until they are done.

To summarise, the more regimented the use of your time is for you,  your employees, and your contractors, the less flexible time you  and they will have and the more you and they will get done.

By the way, this strategy not only works in business but it works in all forms of life. But heck, I just wasted my time and so did most of you because only 4% of you will do a damn thing with this information!

A little Discipline and Regiment is better than a lifetime of Regret!

All the best,
Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. Target attainment is the essence of production and production is the basis of one’s morale so if you want to live a happy life take Mal’s advice.

  2. Mal, You are dead right as usual. In my former career as an IT Manager for several multinationals and Support Consultant for a couple of IT Mainframe and peripheral providers, the task was impossible without listing completions and plans most of which I did in my own time. I learnt from IBM and Honeywell decades ago that you can teach most things so long as you keep reading the manuals 2 sections ahead of your class or employees and plan ahead. In my former life I was recognised as a successful IT executive who never blew a budget or a major timeframe. But since retirement and entry into old age, I’ve lost my way and my mojo as well as all financial resources and consider myself a failed entrepenuer. Thanks for reminding me what I had got out of the habit of doing. Looking at my crummy website makes me feel ashamed and you have prompted me to do something about it and get my mojo back and hopefully some income. Thanks Mal. Jim Alexander.

  3. Greetings Mal how are you mateeyes ?,
    I too can tell a thing or two from a regimental lifestyle.
    I was birthed and weened regimented only to be raised the same , as both my parents were brittish navy personel.

    suffice to say Mal that by (9 ) i could almost present a locker layout for a white finger inspection,he,he, and could square my room away like no other school mate,but rebelled anyway,he,he.
    later on at 20 being young and dumb, i join the army and mate yeah regimental seems to becometh of me even though this was done all uncounciously and same as 26 years in martial arts schooling diciplines.

    Put frankly even still to this date , i am a strong advocate of my to do list which is all but done by 8 pm- ish?,the night before so its squared away inside my lumpy melon before i shut down, beit for a few short moments with a naughty 2 year old waking and desiring to bed with mum and dad .

    And all my entrepreneurial projects and frustrations buzzing around in my brain must be jotted / scribbled down, so as to action at a later date ,when i bloody well shall have the capital to hook in…
    So yes Mal the regimental list is very important as to the actions to complete whats placed down upon it ,and if not able ? then at least struck off with importance of most important must do first before hometime.
    Well thats good to read mate that your choosing
    not to pole dance anymore on your bike sqiure, and although your teaching us to entertain the masses or the crowd im sure you will find other healthier and safer ways to adress just this Mal ol mate.

    Thank you for your email and positive energy
    kind reguards

  4. Mal, when requiring data from sales people via planning week ahead with minium number of visitations and feed back of results by moday morning of following week often results in cries of over management or favoutite term currently used micro-management overkill What are you reading here?

  5. At the end of each day I allow a ‘natural defragging’ to take place and think about everything that went on in the day. I find the morning easier to timeline what I intend to do for the day. I usually have a cuppa and hit the whiteboard with my marker so that all jobs are virtually in my face. Nothing is removed from the whiteboard until it is completed.

  6. Spot on Mal… at the moment I use task lists… but your idea of everyone in the organisation not only producing a list for the next day but also accounting for their achievements for the previous day is excellent. I feel a new template coming on!

  7. I put a list in my diary every day of about 10 things that need doing in private & personal life and number them in priority, a great way to attack the day!

  8. Great post Mal I have not read a lot of your stuff and i have to say this is spot on. Writing the task list the dat before is an excellent strategy because your subconscious is already working on the solutions while you sleep! Great stuff 🙂

  9. Awesome, get them to create a list for me… Thank you that is Perfect timing, will save me heaps of time tyring to prepare lists for them to do… now they will do that part, freeing me up to work on important tasks… ah, what a relief!

    Warmest regards,

  10. Mal,
    Spot on. Just to add to your rant. My daily list has 3 columns, first is the task, second is me, the third is team.

    So I write my list down, then decide what can my team do that I don’t have to, even though it was my list.

    Nearly every day I delegate tasks off my list to my team, therefore increasing the value of my time by only working on the really important jobs.

    Keep away from those bikes. LOL


  11. Hey Mal,

    It’s like the saying that we have to behave ourselves into new behaviors … We all know how productive we COULD be however it’s only when we implement on a daily basis new productive behaviors that it starts to stick.

    Good post … Alex

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