Unpopular And Unfashionable Truth Revealed

Unpopular And Unfashionable Truth Revealed


These days as the years roll on, reality bites that in a business sense, I’m becoming less popular and less fashionable the older I become. You only have to look at all the young guns out there, parading their wares.

Maybe I’m past my prime and it’s time to move out the way, maybe what’s hot is hot and I’m NOT.

All that said, I would argue I have never been better at this, never been clearer, never been better at articulating how to do business better and how to live better business lives with peace of mind and financial security.

Frankly, when I stop improving every day I will give this gig away. You see, my story hasn’t changed, I want to be as good as I can be every single day because one of them is going to be my last and I’m definitely on the poorer side of the ledger if you count birthdays.

So maybe I’ll just have to accept that at my age I’m unpopular and unfashionable to some.

If you think about what’s hot and what’s new for business, what’s popular and what’s fashionable, what’s making you money, then what I am about to reveal to you is an unpopular unfashionable truth

You see, everybody is on the lookout for something new and exciting in business to the detriment of what really works (makes you tons of money in business).

What I’m about to reveal goes WAY WAY beyond just another trick or two that might bump up the conversion rate on a website temporarily or that everybody is excited about momentarily.

It is in fact an unpopular and unfashionable truth that if you aspire to be rich, as I said, goes WAY WAY beyond just another trick or two.

There is nothing, I mean…

Nothing, not any other media marketing strategy or tactic that will give you more bang for your buck than becoming a master of Direct Mail

And that applies to business to business (b to b) or business to consumer (b to c). Then of course, good old fashioned Direct Mail is considered to be unpopular and certainly not new, well my friends don’t let your biased and opinions keep you away from a pile of money.

No dollar you spend in marketing can compete with the dollar you spend on Direct Mail… if you know what you are doing.
Heck, even the Internet gurus have figured out that you want to switch them (prospect or client) from online to offline as fast as you can because offline, it is 300% – 400% more effective and profitable than online.

So what makes direct mail so powerful?

Powerful Reason #1 Well for starters, tonight when you come home from work or wherever you have been or tomorrow morning when you open for business, one of the first 3 things you will do is check your mail.

And you will divide your mail into 3 piles, the junk you immediately throw in the trash, the bills and mail like that you will deal with later and the stuff you are going to open immediately.

Powerful Reason #2 You have the readers’ complete and utter attention, that is rarely the case with any other media. Think about it, with email most people get hundreds a day, then what is the chances of you reading the email anyway?

Certainly you wouldn’t do it that night. Print, radio and TV fall into the same category, your chances of being heard, seen or read by a hot and heavy prospect are pretty damn slim.

So you get to sell in a vacuum, no one competing for their time with the exclusive attention, it is literally like talking to your prospect at the kitchen table one on one.

Powerful Reason #3 Most of your competitors will never figure it out, in fact, never use direct mail giving you an unfair advantage in the marketplace that flies under the radar. What do I mean by flies under the radar?

Well, these days you’re knocked off and copied in hours, not days, weeks, months or years, particularly where the Internet is concerned, here unless your competitor really digs deep, they won’t have a clue what you are doing or that it is the best thing you ever did.

All this complexity makes you harder to knock off and it makes your business more valuable

Powerful Reason #4 It’s a physical tactile experience. We use 3 dimensional lumpy mail, by that we use devices that are lumpy in the envelope and the envelope itself can be replaced by a mini trash can or a bank bag, the list is long.

Don’t tell me your prospect wouldn’t open that lot up and want to know what is going on. Heck, even if you don’t use 3 dimensional mail, it’s still a physical tactile experience to receive mail simply because you have got to touch it to throw it even in the bin.

Of course, if you used 3 dimensional lumpy mail it will cost you more, but sales are absolutely proven to go up.

So don’t worry about what you spend, worry about what you make.

Powerful Reason #5 Direct mail as a media allows enormous amount of format flexibility and creativity. You can use graphics as an opportunity to gain and hold attention.

For example, one of my best direct mail pieces is a hand written letter with tons of mistakes and scribbling on it. Usually this is on legal pad with blue handwriting. If you’re sending a post card, golden rod light cardboard stock works best with black writing. Why is this so? Don’t know, don’t care! It just works best!

Powerful Reason #6 The big fat dumb companies haven’t worked direct mail out and never will.

If the little guy uses direct mail in his business, he gets to be a big guy, he gets to micromanage his business. Tell me another media where he can finally kick the big guys butt mostly if you attempt with the macro manage your businesses, you will get your butt kicked! You know you will never be able to buy the space on TV, radio or print as cheaply as the big guys, they have got these channels sewn up.

Why don’t the big boys do it? Because they have got their wagons in a circle and they copy each other and they are so invested in the old ways that the cant change.

Powerful Reason #7 You can involve the prospect when using direct mail. For example, even in the act of opening the mail, there is involvement. If your mail is in a mini trash can, you have certainly got their attention.

Then if you include a pen and an opportunity to say “Take this test” well, that is even more involvement. The longer the involvement from the prospect, the more hoops they jump through, the more likely they are to buy and the more likely they are to buy repeatedly. Here is the formula…


What other media on the planet allows you to do that… NONE

So the truth is what is old, unpopular and unfashionable is new again, just like me.

Quite honestly, if you are not using direct mail in your business you are nuts!

Any argument against not learning how to master Direct Mail is a flawed argument.

All the Best,
Mal Emery

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  1. Hi folks, a “Print” link on your pages would be very useful. I could then print and laminate the best of the articles.

  2. Hello Mal EMery, how are you going? 🙂 You are not out of fashion at all!! You are totally in fashion! Most marketers and businesses and shops are clueless and all they know how to do is discount stuff. But you have taught us all the tricks of how to survive in business, so we don’t cry when stuff like google panda or google penguin comes along and wipes out lots of businesses. Direct mail has been around for like hundreds of years, it’s a classic because it works. Everone in the world has a letterbox (well, unless they live up on some mountain in the himalayas say) but everone else checks their letterbox every day. Its like an inbox on steroids. Its like an inbox in peoples front yards that they check every day 🙂

  3. Too true about overloaded email inbox. That is because everybody has abandoned the old ways for the next new trick that comes along. Check your mail box- do you get the amount of junk mail that you used to get? None most days and maybe one every couple of weeks. This present an opportunity not to be missed. Great idea.

  4. Well this was email, but I get your point. I remember vividly my Dad and his love affair with the written word. He never understood PC’s computers word processing etc. If he got a letter that I wrote from my PC word processor program he didn’t value it any where near as dear to him then when I wrote a paper pen letter. God bless him… No more postage from him, but memories linger on…

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