Use Information Technology to Target Hot Prospects!

Use Information Technology to Target Hot Prospects!

Would you like your clients to seek YOU out rather than you pursuing them? Unless you have masochistic tendencies, I’m sure the answer is YES! Then rather than use the “carpet bombing” technique of making telephone calls to prospective clients and customers to set up a face to face appointment, use DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING.

Conventional methods of selling often require a rep from the company to telephone in the hope of setting up an appointment where the real sales process begins. This means that the rep needs to establish some kind of favourable rapport with the first point of contact he or she encounters at the company they’re calling before they can get near the decision maker. Or the rep will actually front up and wait to be seen, thereby wasting time and once again, putting themselves in a somewhat powerless position. Such bad positioning will only make the whole process harder, if not knock the whole thing on the head before a sale has even got close!

With direct response advertising, a very different dynamic takes place! Most importantly, the client seeks YOU out, because they are already predisposed to doing business with you.

Here’s how it works; suppose you send a brochure out to prospective clients, on which you offer a video, showing the client how to do something of significant benefit to his /her company. I said something which will BENEFIT them! Something meaningful and specific that will save the prospect time or money or make their job easier to do. No face to face contact has even taken place, but the prospect now perceives you not as a sale person, but as someone who can HELP them him achieve something they want. When they call in response to your offer to order the video, they still feel as though they are in charge, but their defences have come down. This puts you in a good position to “tell them how it works”. They are likely to ASK you. The sales process is well under way and it all began with a non-confrontational brochure / letter or other advertising piece!

The CONTENT of the advertising material VITAL! There is a formula for writing any kind of advertising material and the difference between a well written piece and the conventional waste of paper we most often see doing the rounds, is simply – A SALE! If you’re offering a FREE video or report, it should have a compelling title; it should be professionally presented and offer the client value. Goodwill is generated and so are sales! But I know I’m preaching to the converted here because you all have access to advertising copy education I’ve provided as part of a package or your Welcome Kit

The POSITIVE POWER OF NEGATIVE PREPARATION empowers you in the person to person part of the process. Most people don’t expect a sales person to admit to any weaknesses. But while you’re talking to a prospect they have a little voice inside their heads trying to convince them that you’re hiding something, that there are negative things about the product or service you are offering, that you are not telling them about.

So instead of talking only about your strengths, throw in a couple of your “flaws”. But then address these issues the best way you can. You are bringing up the objections before the client does, and one by one, you have the opportunity to wipe them away. Coaches use the positive power of negative response when they strategise a game … “What will we do if this goes wrong?” Of course if you are prepared to talk about your foibles as well as your strengths, you present as an honest person/company!

The increase in closing rates astounds companies who switch to direct response / lead generating advertising from tired old traditional methods. It can blow profits through the ROOF!

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