Using Leverage For Supreme Economic Advantage In Business

Using Leverage For Supreme Economic Advantage In Business

You must use Leverage in everything you do to seriously succeed in business.  You need to be in the Toll Position for creating Supreme Economic advantage.

I’ll share with you now the most Profitable Business Success Formula that you ever need to learn in business.

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  1. this is a fantastic video Mal, and one of the most important lessons that I ever learned from you. I have at times learned the hard way that if either the psychology or the maths aren’t right then it won’t be a huge success. Now I make sure this formula is a part of everything that I do.

    I see a lot of new internet marketers, and they nearly all have the maths side wrong, and a great deal have the psychology side wrong too. Hopefully many people see this post and can learn its very important lesson.

    To add to this, on the maths side, you taught me to make sure I was selling products for a minimum of 5 times cost of goods, and that changed the game completely for me online.

  2. Hi Mal – this is clear, inspiring stuff. It still comes as a revelation that I already have the resources I need – thanks for every timely reminder. The formulas really ?form you? – my new-&-improved mindset is quickly taking shape: I’m glad to see that I have a great head for Business

  3. Kia ora Mal, well that sums everything up! After all my successful years in the music industry as an entertainer and business negotiator, this verifies that my earnest approaches had been exactly that, and its done me right to maintain and gain good working relations using this formulae I wasn’t even aware of.

    The truth of the matter is that I always treat people right and weighing the dollar to achieve great benefits. To calculate in providing a good service for people is making a good return for both parties and feeling valued for it.

    Maths is logic and so is Psychology – it all adds up to genuine equality; not ripping people off and getting a bad name for it, lol!

    Thanks for sharing – and so glad I’m not a moron!

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