“Welcome to the Family” Game Changer Strategy

You see, everyone’s primary job was to ensure that anyone who attended Disneyworld had an incredible experience and as a consequence of that experience, they went back to wherever they lived and told their friends and relatives about it.

The idea of course was to turn the existing clients into raving advocates.

In fact, Walt Disney advocated that…


And when you see, hear or meet a customer… ALL OTHER duties and activities are put ON HOLD.

You see, if you can prevent… 5% of your customers from LEAVING you, you will INCREASE your bottom line profit by 25% – 95%.

Yet the average business… LOSES 15% of it’s customer base each year.

  • 68% of customers who stop buying do so because of poor or indifferent service
  • 14% leave because of unsatisfactorily resolved dispute or complaint
  • 9% leave because of price
  • 5% go elsewhere based on recommendations
  • 1% die

The bad news is most of those customers that leave don’t bother to complain.

And 82% of those that do leave you go somewhere else because of a customer service issue.

After all, you only get 1 chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION, and here is brilliant Game Changer strategy that ensures exactly that…

It’s called the “Welcome to the Family “Game Changer Strategy.

They get the “Welcome to the Family Box”… After they make a purchase… handed to them personally or sent immediately after the sale by mail.

Here is what you want them saying about you… “You WON’T BELIEVE what [your name] from
[your company name] just SENT ME”.

7 BIG Advantages of the “WOW FACTOR Welcome to the Family” Pack

  1. Helps with client retention big time and that’s very important because of the cost of replacement
  2. Helps with your relationship with the client because of the “law of reciprocity”
  3. You’re making a major deposit in their “emotional bank account”
  4. Some of the stuff can “hang around” visibly permanently
  5. You can include referral mechanisms
  6. It forces conversation about you
  7. Your competitors will never do one

The “Welcome to the Family Box” is a GAME CHANGER so figure out how to do it.

There are 2 BIG ADVANCED Secrets when it comes to developing a “Welcome to the Family Box”.

SECRET #1 – The BIGGER the “Welcome to the Family Box” is the BETTER.

The truth is, size does count. The bigger it is, the more impact it will have.

SECRET #2 – The BETTER the “Welcome to the Family Box” is THEMED to your product or service, the BETTER.

What I am asking you to do here is think about what you should put in your “Welcome to the Family” box so it resinates in some positive way with your new client.

Let’s take for example, a financial planner, how can you create a big box full of stuff that is themed?

Well the theme I would approach would be “peace of mind”, “Sleep well tonight knowing we are taking care of your money matters”.

And in my box in no particular order would be…

  • 2 sleeping pillows for the bed
  • 2 bath robes with your logo on it
  • An iPod Nano with meditation or relaxing music
  • Camomile Tea to help you sleep
  • A teapot and cups to serve your tea in
  • Essential oils, the ones most appropriate for sleep and relaxation
  • Essential oil burner
  • Relaxing Incense to burn and an incense holder
  • Ear plugs and eye mask to help you sleep
  • Finally, a map which explains you are receiving in the box
  • One more thing… have it delivered in a cardboard box 1m x 1m

By the way, there is a third BIG ADVANCED SECRET… so…

SECRET #3 – Include referral mechanisms that make it easy for your client to refer other people to you.

And include a letter explaining how to use the referral mechanisms and how to refer people to you.

DON’T leave it to chance!

After all, it’s not their job to send clients your way.

That referral mechanism could be a voucher to try you out, it could be your book, DVD, CD or marketing material that is carefully crafted.

If you are worried about what this “Welcome to the Family” box will cost you, for most of you this will be your first thought, think about what it costs you to get a new client, to stop a refund… To turn clients into raving advocates of you.

Believe me, that’s expensive!

Figure out what a client is worth to you over their lifetime and/or what is their transaction value.

So instead, figure out how to build a “WOW FACTOR Game Changer Welcome to the Family” box.

So if you are a visual kind of person like me, I have prepared a video presentation for you on the subject of this blog.

Simply click the link HERE and follow the prompts to watch the video that reveals exactly what you need to do to create a “WOW FACTOR Game Changer Welcome to the Family” box for your business.

All the Best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism.

P.S. Feel free to pass the blog on to anyone who you feel might benefit from it.

“Welcome to the Family” Game Changer Strategy

The idea of “Game Changers” is way overdone these days, everyone seems to sprout they have a “Game Changer”…

The reality is there aren’t that many of them, especially new ones.

Mostly, they are just a different take on something old.

A great old “Game Changer” strategy that was true decades ago and even truer today in a business world turned upside down is Walt Disney’s strategy of…

“Do what you do SO WELL that people can’t help telling others ABOUT YOU”.

And Walt Disney really meant it and everyone who ever worked for him knew it also.

Read on to discover a new adaptation and Game Changer strategy, few if any of you are using

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