What Is The Secret To Mal Emerys Success

What Is The Secret To Mal Emerys Success


I am just sitting here on my back balcony overlooking City Beach right now, just asking myself, why is it that I am here right now, enjoying the fruits of my labour while there are so many other people out there that just seem to take two steps forward and then three steps back.

It’s not too often that I get in these contemplation modes, so let’s try to make the most of this one…. Here is one of my major success secrets…

Looking back, I really think that it had to do with me realising at an early age that I should not have to recreate the wheel, after all you don’t get paid any extra if you “invent fire” by rubbing sticks and a rock together.

For those of you who don’t know, I was not exactly the greatest student in class. In fact, when the teachers realised that I was in their classroom, they rolled up their eyes and said, “I really deserve a pay rise”.

The truth is, I didn’t read my first book until I was about 41 years of age and I failed or just passed most subjects. What this did do, was force me to be creative when it came to getting the answers I needed to survive in the tough world of school, and then in the workplace.

I developed the uncanny knack of asking the RIGHT questions from the RIGHT people who I knew should have the RIGHT answers.

When I left school and started work two things happened. The first was the teachers threw a party to celebrate my departure, I am sure, and the second thing was I got retrenched from my work with a multi-national company and again had to get creative to survive out there.

So what I did was sit back and think about who I knew that was successful in business, and I thought to myself, well, maybe, if I do the same thing they do I might get the same kind of results. (Not rocket science).

So I knocked on the door of a local hardware store who I had bought a wheel barrow and a couple of hoses from, having moved into his area, and I asked the owner Owen McGrath if he would help me open up another hardware store miles away from him so that we would not be in competition because I would like to do what he was doing.

Well, he was kind enough to mentor me, and he spent my dear old mum $10,000 on hardware products and I created a very successful hardware store that I sold about 13 months later for around $32,000 which after paying everybody back including dear old mum, left me with the grand sum of approximately $17,500 over.

Now let’s put that in perspective, my house and land that I’d just bought has cost me $20,000. So almost 13 months later I had enough money to pay it off. Today that’s pretty much the equivalent of making about $500,000 in 13 months. That was when the light went on in my head that I should model others and learn from their mistakes.

Here we are 35+ years of expensive experience later and back into the present with over 20+ businesses started, bought, built and sold, financially set and enjoying life.

I would like to say to you, in your search for success, don’t make it harder than it should be, look for people who are at least five times more successful than you are, prefer in the field that you are investigating, seek their wisdom, and then go forward confidently and don’t let any negative people that don’t know what the hell they are talking about distract you from your goal.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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  1. That is totally true what you said! And dont worry about your old teachers who were mean to you – they are probably all broke and on pensions now

  2. Mal i am a 60yr young disability pensioner and have just started my ebay store selling products i make in my shed, unfortunatly i wiped my email clean and lost everything you have sent so far i enjoy reading your stuff please keep it coming it keeps me pushing ahead sorry i cant afford to buy your products

  3. Thank you Mal. I have used you as a business role model after purchasing a business pack from you a few years ago. I have a few Mal Emery quotes in my head that come out quite often when I find myself in a situation that needs clarifying.

    I really enjoy and learn from your rants

    Thank you

  4. Hi Mal,
    I have been to many of your meetings and your words hold true, i have now bilt and sold my fourth business – over 16 to go to walk your path.
    Any words to the wise – would you have done any think sooner internet business my path has been coffee shops & mobile coffee vans your words are gold.

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